Children of Morta – Getting That Annoying No-hit Achievement (Perfectionist)

This is the way I managed to get it. It’s by far not the only way, but it’s the one that worked for me.


This is the build I used. It’s not even optimal since it’s the same since I started playing Lucy, but what you basically want to do is max out the decoy, protective wards and guardian’s rage duration / Beam Amplify (dmg + range). This will ensure that you deal the maximum amount of dmg while the boss is distracted. Protective wards are your fail-safes. You’ll get three chances of messing up at a time, and they regenerate every 8 seconds. (The achievement is “kill a boss without taking damage”)

What you can also do is upgrade your dodge chance at Ben’s workshop or feed the fish if you have paws and claws. Do not rely on dodge chance, this should be as an absolute last resort method.

Actual Boss Fight

The build will work on any boss, but the one I found the easiest to not get hit is in the 1st stage of the 3rd location (name: TerraLava). He’s easy because:

  • Most of his attacks are short ranged, and Lucy is a ranged character.
  • He’s EXTREMELY slow, which means we can avoid him easily if we don’t back up in a corner.
  • His hitbox is gigantic, coupled with his slowness makes him an impossible target to miss. (turn on aim assist in the settings if you still have trouble hitting)

His attacks consist of (what I’ve noticed) two moves.

  • He’ll speed up just a little and chase you around for a bit, then start shooting a circle of flames below him, which is only a bit bigger than himself as well. Do not stay near him.
  • You’ll also notice a rocket launcher thingie at the top. The rockets target you way slower than the normal ones in the dungeon, and if you manage to make the rocket hit the boss, he’ll lose his shield and will be stunned for about 10 seconds.


  • Always join the fight with your rage full.
  • Use your decoy to draw him away from you, then spam your neutral attacks. Cyclone might be ineffective since you should keep your distance and perhaps mana for decoys.
  • If you manage to break his shield and stun him, it’s guardian’s rage time! Use that bad boy and any dmg divine relics you might have to melt him.
  • Don’t worry if he’s still not dead, play it safe, use your decoys wisely. If you’re unsure about your evasive skills, defensive divine relics are perfectly fine, like that one that allows you to ignore 2 hits or the infinite dash bar.
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