Cattails – Survival Guide

So, fellow cat, you just got stranded here like, well pretty much everyone but lets just forget that and get right to how to survive.

How to Survive


First of all, you need to know how to hunt. Somehow coco gets to like all of you new cats before me, but if I am lucky I got to you first. So, assuming I’m lucky, first, focus in on your prey [shift] and wait until you are completely focused on it. Then, pounce! [Space] congrats! You have just taken down you’re first mouse! Probably! About 57% sure! Anyway, if you didn’t catch it, find another and repeat!

Remember, though – if sneaking you can always see prey better, and once you see coco she can teach you to sprint, which can help catch escaping prey. There is a lot more than just sneak & pounce though. In spring, prey is plentiful, although in summer there is a little less, in autumn little, and by winter prey is scarce. You can also sell prey for a decent amount of mews, depending. Remember to stockpile some prey in fall- if you can’t manage to, then you’re in trouble. However, there is a way to get more. You should not go into the mines, or battles, but you can harvest herbs to sell and buy prey with the mews. Remember, stockpiling in spring is a very good way to have enough for winter.


Next, you should store many herbs in your den for injuries, in case you don’t have enough mews for the medicine cat. Never go into battle with big injuries. They can get to be a big tangle. Remember to also use a lot of lavender for territory. And catnip… As we all know, give it to anybody and they love it! You can also sell it for 15 mews at the general store. But it does not end there. Use it yourself!


Winning a fight increases your territory, and you can get some mews as well which helps with injures caused by the battle. Each day the clan leader plans two battles, which you can participate in. When entering, though, remember you could fall, losing all your stuff that you are holding! You also lose some territory! You have to be careful about heading right into one.


Mews are the currency around here. You can get them from battles and selling things you gather or hunt. Good to gather them for winter, to buy food, however it is more effective to just keep the prey and stockpile food.


If you get a mate, by increasing friendship to 5 stars and giving them a red rose, and getting them to red heart and giving them a shiny trinket (be very careful not to claw it, resist the urge) then they will marry you. Get other cats to five star friendship and they will attend the wedding as well!

After a while, your mate may ask about kits. If you want them, then in about a season to two you will give birth to kits! Strangely giving your mate many gifts seems to impact the amount of kits. They will be a mix of you and your mates pelts.


That’s the basics of survival. I hope you find your way in the world, and please, I did all I could, but the balance still will not hold. You will need to gather the materials to fix it again.

Good luck in the wilderness!

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