Castle Story – Unlimited Bricktrons (How to Cheat)

How set your bricktron limit.

So you’ve started playing Castle Story again and have got up to 15 bricktrons and are now all like WTF only 15 well you can fix that pretty easy!

How to Cheat

  • Go the Castle Story folder.
  • Open the info folder.
  • Open the lua folder.
  • Open the gamemodes folder.
  • Open the folder containing youre gamemode of choice.
  • Open the config.json (lua) file with notepad.
  • Find the line bricktroncap.
  • Set it to what ever you want.
  • Save and close.
  • Have fun!

Note: Don’t set it to like 99999 set it to something reasonable like 500 or what ever or else it wont apply properly.

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