Brookhaven RP – Secrets Guide

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Brookhaven Secrets Guide

Brookhaven Secrets Guide – Cleaners

  • Enter the building named Cleaners
  • Go behind the wall (corner)
  • Go downstairs
  • Enter into the left room
  • Click on the hanging light
  • Pass through the trap door (ground) and reach the secret underground base

Brookhaven Secrets Guide – Bank

  • From the secret underground base go through the tiny path and reach the bank vault
  • Place explosives just outside
  • Steal the money

Brookhaven Secrets Guide – Arcade

  • Go to the Arcade Arena
  • Go upstairs and reach the birthday area
  • Brookhaven Secrets Roblox – Hospital
  • Enter the hospital from the main entrance
  • Use a ladder to go into the hole in the ceiling (top right)


  • Once in the cemetery fall into the just next to a grave

Brookhaven Secrets Guide – Secret Cave

  • Go to the drones place in the mountain
  • Ride one of the drones and it will take you to the cave

Secret House

  • You can find an abandoned house behind the airport, between 2 trees

Brookhaven Secrets Guide Modern House

Hidden Walls

  • Go inside and upstairs (left)
  • Enter the room
  • Squeeze your size
  • Jump on the table until you get inside the wall
  • You can also jump on the wall at the top of the fridge to find another hide


  • Upstairs (still in the modern house)
  • Enter the bedroom
  • Move foward towards the bed

Outer Wall

  • Outside (still in the modern house)
  • Climb up the wall using a ladder and hide in the wall

Kids Play Room

  • Modern House > Kids Play room
  • Hide behind the cupboard

Dark Scary House

  • Click on the mouse icon > Choose dark scary house


  • Enter in the dark scary house
  • Squeeze your size
  • Hide in any of the boxes


  • Jump on the box
  • Hide in the wall


  • Pass through the wall under the stairs
  • Move up stairs and enter into the front room
  • Near the stairs there is another secret wall

Hidden Death Spot

  • Scary house > Backyard
  • Hide behind the bushes you will find near the graveyard

Kids room

  • Scary house > Kids room
  • Move to the kids bunk bed & jump up

Next House


  • Squeeze size to 0.5
  • Enter from the garage
  • Climb up the garage’s gate using a ladder and find the hide

Microwave Oven

  • Go upstairs (beside the garage) and reach the kitchen
  • Hide into the Oven

Dressing Room

  • Reach the dressing room using the elevator
  • Hide in the cupboards (pass through the wall)


  • Reach the roof using the elevator

Reading spot

  • Enter the house from the front door
  • Squeeze your size
  • Go upstairs
  • Bedroom > drop in the empty area near the bed

Shower Teleport

  • Master bedroom > Bathroom
  • Pass through the piece of wood next to the shower

Bathroom Sink

  • Sit near the sink
  • Crouch yourself under the sink

House Entrance

  • Go to the Entrance
  • Squeeze size
  • Go under the ramp at the entrance

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