Breakneck – Evade the Pursuer Laser

Quicker way to progress.

Lose the Lasers

Irritating goal but vital if you want to up your levels.

Easy Way:

  • Choose to have no perks at all. None. That way it’s free.
  • Your aim here is to get some boost but travel as slowly as possible.

To fly slow, fly close to a straight vertical wall and when you are alongside it, fly into it. That will cause your ship to judder along. Release at the end of that wall and repeat on the next wall.

Don’t forget to generate some boost though.

You can do this on straight walls, or walls that slant. Be careful of walls that have tiny gaps (Research Center..) but hey, crashing is free.

Wait for the lasers, boost a bit to get out of them, repeat.

Even if you have the ‘Evade the laser 8 times’ requirement you should be able to do that within the first 3 – 4 levels.

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