Brawlhalla – Spending Money

This is mostly my opinion on what you should buy or not in Brawlhalla. If you want to you can consider this as a “guide”.

I’m not talking about collector’s pack or the all-legends pack, since I don’t own them, i’m gonna be talking about stuff that I bought before.

Short Version

Unless you are buying a Battle Pass or a Championship pack, I would honestly not reccomend it.

Being Able to Afford It

This is simple, don’t buy it if you don’t have money, don’t be a moron.

If you can afford it and you want to buy something for this game, read the rest first.

What You Should’t Buy

Both with the money itself (what amount of mammoth coins/DLCs you are buying) and the ingame shop once you have the mammoth coins.

This does not count the Battle Pass.

First, colors and avatars: don’t buy an avatar or color, it is really not worth it, even if the avatar is animated, don’t do it (country avatars sometimes get a pass on this ones because at least they aren’t 60 mammoth coins), the battle passes already give you avatars, and the seasonal colors (the only ones that are purchasable with mammoth coins) can be purchased with gold.

Second, sidekicks: sidekicks are too high of a price to be worth it, apart from the fact that in general, the battle pass ones are better (free track), even when on discount, they are still expensive for what they are, but it still more viable than buying avatars.

Third, weapons skins: These is the last one I would really reccomend buying, weapons skins, just like sidekicks, are too expensive for what they are, and if you don’t have a single weapons skin in your account, you are better off buying a chest, since you also get a skin, when on discount, weapons skins could be good, but it honestly depends on how many of them you have, if none, just roll a chest, if you already have most of the weapons and you just want one specific, its cheaper than a skin, and guaranteed, unlike the chests.

What You Should Buy

This part goees from worst to best:

First, podiums and KO effects: both of these are here because of how expensive they are, they are the ones I would prioritize the last, at least the podium, the KO effect could be a good first item you buy, but if you do that, I reccomend buying a cheap one (200 mammoth coins)

Second, taunts: these are the second worst you should buy, because they are so common, you get a lot of tanuts (even if you don’t watch the streams for viewership rewards), the battle pass already gives you two taunts, wich is very generous for being the free track.

Third, crossovers: crossovers are in this spot for the reason of their price, they are really good and all, but they are expensive as hell, plus they don’t even go on sale.

Fourth, epic skins: epic skins are here for the same reason as crossovers, but these have some extras, such as: a taunt, animated weapons or a sidekick (depending on wich one you buy).

Fifth, chests: I’m putting chests in here because, even though they are cheaper than buying a skin, they are random, so you could open a chest 17 times and still not get the skin you wanted, chest also have exclusive skins, most of them look good, but you need to be lucky or burn through your wallet to get one of them.

Sixth, skins: skins (and seasonal skins) are the best thing you could buy in Brawlhalla, they are cheap, and you have variety to choose from, plus they come with weapon skins, and since they go on discount, you could end up buying a skin for only 60 mammoth coins if you are lucky enough. Some skins have special effects that make them cost 200 mammoth coins instead of the 140 price.


In this section we talk about the Battle Pass and the Championship packs.

The Battle Pass is a good way to get alot of stuff for a rather low price, a KO effect, a Podium, 4 Skins, 1 Epic Skin, battle pass color for all legends, a skin for each weapon, several taunts, avatars, taunts, 200 mammoth coins, a tittle, a UI theme and a loading frame in the case you complete the Battle Pass.

The championship packs are cheap too, giving 300 mammoth coins, an avatar and a weapon skin,wich is a rather good deal.


In general, if you are going to spend money to get mammoth coins, prioritize skins and sales.

Still, I would honestly reccomend to just buy the Battle Pass, it has a lot of stuff for that price.

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