As early as the Prologue!

Where to Go?

SPOILERS: This part is great to have Sir Sloan still in your party and much easier to grind on. With him, you pretty much can never die. He has 1 shots, heals and revives.

If past this, it’s still fine:

  1. Make sure you have Freelancer on everyone, Elvis will be Black Mage so change him. Freelancer gives you passives JP and JP UP that combined make 1.7x JP boost. Make sure you add these passives in your slots!
  2. From Halcyonia, go the North (over the bridge from the first dungeon) and go to where the Vesper Bee’s are at. One in this pic and one just a but south from it, they’re both close.

Keep fighting until it drops the Insect Nectar.

  1. The Nectar increases battle rates for insects. You can get up to I believe 4 battles at once. Use it.
  2. I recommend buying Darts, Stones and other AoE damage items at the shop in town for faster battles. Oh and do 4x for your sanity.

Side Tip: Spam “Forage” on Freelancer on low levels for lots of goodies such as Damage/Heal items and most importantly EXP/JP orbs. We like those. So anyways, I ain’t get far on Switch but until Ch. 2 lol, but I still used the leveling method here. Happy grinding!

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