Book of Travels – Tips for New Players

This guide explains what are some things new players should actually try to accomplish.

Newbies Tips

Get a ferry pass and travel to the island city. Go pick fruit in Kuro Orchard. Learn to fish and catch yourself lunch. Make a couple of campfire spots and windbreaks in oft-traveled areas for other travelers to use. Figure out what the components are for the Crossings enchanters (each enchanter has a very specific set of components they’ll take and turn into an enchanted item.) Buy all the lemonade from the roadside stand and make some kids happy. The whole purpose of the game is to not worry about accomplishing.

Be patient. Be patient and again be patient. The game is not your usual game. You need to read to unterstand to relax and just let the road take you. It is not about fighting or who has the Best armor. You learn with the time. Try to really take in your surroundings maybe you find something interesting (can be a loot or just Information).

Learn to make a fire and always have a bit of food. Other than that take your time and pick many flowers and herbs. There are a lot of things to do in game but don’t rush it. Many quests, enemies, and skill challenges. You can always run from combat.

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