BONEWORKS – Optimisation Guide

This guide will get your game running smoothly in just a few steps.


I’ve always read about boneworks running like crap for many people now so I thought that I would make a guide for other people who wanna run the game smoothly since there are many answers to this out there. Image of normal frame time:

Downloading Desktop +

Desktop + is a great free tool for many things however I use it to see why I lag in games and cus its good to know what my components are doing (I also used desktop + for trouble shooting boneworks lag so I could make this guide to help people).

The reason im saying the download this is because on NVIDIA gpus it fixes lag by stopping NVIDIA from monitoring your performance and instead makes desktop + monitor performance instead. This can fix minor lag so I would recommend it.

Download VR Performance Tool Kit

VR Performance Tool Kit renders your game at a low resolution and upscales it using AI super sampling. The installation guide for this mod is in the GitHub page. This mod is REALLY good for reducing GPU stress and major gpu lag. The link for the mod is here.

In Game Things You Can Do

One way you can fix lag is by clicking into boneworks repeatably whilst the game is loading. This fixes alot of lag for me especially whilst playing sewers. Whenever you load into another level after completing 3 or 2 levels in boneworks there will be some really bad lag for 2 or 3 minutes, one way you can fix this is by turning all the graphics settings to the lowest, saving the settings then changing in back to what it was THEN saving it. After that the lag should go in a few seconds, if not then idk.

Deleting Some Mods You Dont Use

Deleting mods you don’t use is a great way to get faster load times and better performance. Just even deleting a couple 4 or 5 custom items is enough to get you 20-30 frames back. Just delete and mods you use or like (Gun mods, NPCs etc) and the lag will poof out of existence.

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