BONEWORKS – How to Get New Hover Junkers Map!

This guide will tell you how to get the map in Boneworks sandbox.

Where to Find the Module

First off, head to the Towers location in the story mode. Go up the stairs and into the main area. There will be a structure with a blue key in it. Grab it.

Head over to the Concrete Cafe not too far away. Continue walking forward until you reach a door. Use the blue key to unlock it. Head up the stairs and grab the red key.

Go to the gift shop Spidero, and unlock it with the red key. In the glass display is a green key, grab it.

Head to the other side of the map and use they green key to unlock a door.

Go up the stairs and into the Hover Junkers area. Grab the module and throw it in the reclamation bin on the floor below.

That is how you get the new map.

Additional Information

In the office is the Hover Junkers flyable machine. You can use it in the towers map. Put the battery in and you are off! But most likely you are going to crash.

There is a ton of hidden stuff on the new map, but I won’t go into detail about them, but you can find other guides explaining how to find this hidden stuff.

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