Boneraiser Minions – Beginner Guide / How to Start

I want to introduce you into Boneraiser Minions. When I started this game the first I was bit confused and surprised about the old-school, entertaining English. For that reason, I made my mission to give you a guide for your first steps.

How to Start Playing Boneraiser Minions?

You can get the full guide including a short Boneraiser Minions review also here in this video:

In this game you have different game modes which you must unlock during your progression. You start with 3 modes:

Mausoleum Awakening

This is the standard mode where you are starting to play your runs.

Meta Progression

Buy new unlocks to improve your run. Use your collected coins to increase your abilities and boneraising powers. Find your perfect meta loadout!

Grimoire Compendium

There you can view your high scores, items and so on

All other game modes you must unlock.

Tip 1: Check Your Configuration

To avoid or decrease your confusion I would like to suggest you that you are entering the setup at first. There you can change the “old English talk” like in the time from Shakespeare to a modern one. This is especially for non-native speakers like me easier to understand.

But that’s not all! Proof the visibility of your necromancer and the hordes. With that huge amount of units, it can be become very confusing: Who’s in my army and who’s aiming for me? I suggest you to give yourself and the enemies an outline. I choose the color yellow for me and red for all the enemies.

That makes it much more easier to handle the confusion.

Tip 2: Improving Your Runs

The first rounds you won’t be able to survive long. But with these few hints you improve fast. After you appear collect the bones as fast as you can because they are disappearing. Like you know already you need 100 bones for an improvement. Therefor every bone is counting! Why? Every upgrade at the beginning of a run is very important and helpful. The faster you can bring down the coming waves, the more bones you can pick up and you run will improve.

After a few runs you will have a few gold coins and you should go into the Boneraise Lore to spend your gold into new talents and more! My recommendations are in the following order.

Dabber Dash

This allows you to dash. Whether with mouse, keyboard, or controller. The game can be played with your preferred option. Dashes makes a run more viable. The third and last option offers you a super dash.

Cracked Hourglass

With this feature all pickups stay longer. Upgrade this one fast to the last level and no pickup will ever fade away.

Majikoumal Parchment

This gives you the option to spell casts. More about this in one of the next videos if you wish!

Boned Burrows

You may gain a Barrow Boner when raising a fresh normal minion.

You can earn much more abilities and if you upgrade them, they will be obviously stronger. Stay away from the Heroic Force until you feel strong enough. You pay for boost the enemies, but the extra resources will raise bone legions!

The third option is the Class Heritage. Tormented souls can be spent here to learn fresh talents for your chosen character class.

The game is very generous with its currency which makes the initial grind easy and fun! Don’t worry you don’t need to spend too much time before you are getting massive setups.

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