Bloons TD Battles 2 – Why You Shouldn’t Use Gwen Over Quincy

Why You Shouldn’t Use Gwen Over Quincy

Put yourself into this perspective. You just completed the tutorial and got Gwen and are so eager to try her. DON’T. Here are some reasons why.

  • Note, Obyn and Striker Jones are better but you don’t start off with them like Quincy or Gwen.
  • When can Gwen pop lead? lvl 1. When can Quincy? lvl 7. But Quincy pops camo bloons at lvl 5 and Gwen never does. Don’t forget she never pops purples either!
  • So. Abilities. Quincy goes hyper sonic while Gwen does wall of fire. A tier 2 upgrade! Lvl 10 they are both equally good in my opinion and both very good.
  • Cosmetics don’t matter that much and that’s all your opinion.

This is all my opinion and you can choose Gwen if you want. I would just rather you pick Quincy.

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