Bloons TD 6 – Easy Chimps Wins on Most Beginner Maps

A detailed guide on how to beat chimps on 20+ of the beginner/intermediate maps.

Startup (Rounds 1-40)

Welcome to my very first, and hopefully the last guide you’ll need to start beating those maps on chimps, for this guide we’ll be using pretty well the same monkeys right to end game, those monkeys are going to be the 4-0-2 ninja monkey, 4-2-0 alch, the 5-2-0 heli and the 0-2-5 ice monkey as well as 2-3-0 village, for our hero I recommend either adora or sauda, sauda is great early but adora scales much better late game.

First things first, some of the maps will not allow you to get through the first few rounds with just placing down the ninja monkey in this case place 3-4 dart monkeys in order to build eco at first (pro tip; place them looking down straight paths for max popping).

Once you have the cash to get the ninja monkey upgrade him to 3-0-1, once the ninja is at this point it should hold the line for you to keep building eco.

At this point (usually round 20-27) it’s best to place your hero down closely to your ninja, cause you want your alchemist buffing both towers, this should hold things until leads come, before that happens try and place that alch down and upgrade him to 2-0-0 so your ninja and hero can start popping lead. This should hold the line until round 39, then your going to want to place the star of our guide, the heli. I personally upgrade the heli to 3-0-0 asap but if you can’t because of dart monkeys placed earlier that should be fine but upgrading the heli to 3-2-0 should be priority after round 40.

Mid Game (Rounds 41-80)

This part is where you want to start saving for those large heli upgrades, however during rounds 41-50 I usually go for some smaller upgrades like the 3-2-0 heli mentioned in the previous section, the 4-0-2 ninja (caltrops are optional) as well as the 4-2-0 alchemist. However by round 50-52 I am holding out for that 4-2-0 heli, by round 60-63 I should have that 4-2-0 heli upgrade and should be find to hold off round 63. after that there comes a LOT more saving for that last heli upgrade but I promise you it’ll be worth it to take care of end game. you should have enough cash from rounds 60-80 in order to get Apache prime and once you do round 80 will be a cakewalk.

Protip; Adora’s abilities make waves 70-79 a LOT less anxiety inducing which is why I recommend Adora for late game.

Late Game (Rounds 80-100)

Alrighty, so this is where things can get difficult is you haven’t been managing your eco properly, between rounds 81-90 you should be placing a ice monkey once again relatively close to your ninja and hero but you also need to place a village at bare minimum in range of your ice monkey but it’s preferable to have them close to the other towers as well, but the ice monkey/monkey village is essential to beating the remainder of the game.

Place your ice monkey and work them up to 0-2-5 as quickly as possible, this will slow most of the moabs to a halt excluding DDT’s, but don’t you worry that’s what the monkey village is for, Apache prime should be able to hold the ddt’s off until round 90-92 which should be more than enough time to work that money village to 2-3-0 which allows any towers in it’s radius to attack all types of targets, including DDT’s. once your ice monkey is freezin’ everything in it’s path you only have one more round to worry about, round 100. at this point though you should have enough cash build up to place a good deal of OP towers to help finish the BAD off, personally I use a 2-0-5 or 0-2-5 tack shooter but a good deal of tier 5 towers will work, play around with it and figure out what’s most effective at this point.

Protip; if you can manage getting your heli pad close to your village you can opt into 5-0-2 Apache prime making him a bit more powerful, this can make camos more difficult in the mid game so be minding of that. Or place the village during mid game, however if you do that you will not have Apache prime by round 80.

Repeat The Steps on Other Maps

And there you have it, as I said this works on most beginner and some intermediate maps, it could also work on select advanced maps I just haven’t tested it out yet. Just remember to try it out the first time by just placing down a ninja and if that doesn’t work restart and place down a few dark monkeys. if that don’t work the map may not work with this strat. I will also be uploading screenshots on the maps this strat works for later so I’ll probably edit this section accordingly when I do.

Thanks for reading and go show off those chimps solo win badges.

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