Bloody Mice – How to Get Strikes

A strategy I (kinda) worked out to get strikes without the requirement of blind luck.

Getting Strikes


You get strikes by making the ball land straight vertically into either corner of the area.

The most tedious part about getting strikes is keeping your second ball away from the ball your using to get strikes. It’s easiest to get this going from when you first start, since your second ball won’t be moving around much.

You basically just want to slowly move the ball as close as you can towards the wall, I found I was getting the most strikes by hitting (for the left corner) A and then D when I wanted precise movement against the side walls. It’s pretty easy for the ball to just bounce against the wall, it just takes a few rounds to get better at it.

Four examples of what it should look like, basically.

I’m not putting in the effort to record a video, unless it is wanted for this guide. This is just a game about killing mice though.


It is possible to get two strikes at once from opposite corners, but that is mostly luck. I’ve done this a few times, mainly just using the momentum of the second ball, which takes it to the other corner.

Got to 22nd on the leader board using this so it definitely helps if you can learn it easily.

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