Block Legend DX – Combo Guide

General information around how combos work. not just how to do them, but how to maintain them and other random info about how they work in the game.

Guide to Combos

How to Do Combos

So combos follow 2 simple rules that may not be completely obvious at first.

Combos happen when you follow one match with another that fulfills two conditions:

  • The tiles cleared are the same type as the previous clear.
  • The number of tiles cleared are either equal to, or more than the previous clear.

This is all you need to make a combo. There are some ways things get complicated, but we’ll talk about that later on in the guide. just remember those two rules and you’ll be fine. Let’s look at an example.

Using the magic tiles on our board we can click 2 -> 2 -> 3 -> 3

If we started with either of the threes then our combo would be limited to 2, but starting with low numbers and working our way up helps us get more out of our tiles.

How to Keep a Combo Going

The only thing that can interrupt a combo is failing to click a match that would keep it going:

  • Going from battle to walk mode or vice versa.
  • Taking damage.
  • Changing stages.
  • Using an item… …will not disrupt your combo as long as your following the two main rules to keep you combo going.

While we’re on the subject.

Because of this change between walk and battle modes, Sword and Exp tiles are the same for combo reasons, so you can build an Exp combo in walk mode and then use sword to deal big damage, or vice versa to get a bigger exp bonus.

Tips and Best Practices for Combos

I’m sure most of you playing know about puzzle games, but just in case, I figured I’d give a few tips for making and planning out strong and effective combos.

Beginner Tip: Build your combos from top to bottom

Let’s take a look at a potential 3 combo.

Let’s say we wanna make a 3 combo with the magic tiles on the board. We would clearly start with the 2, but since the other 2 matches are fours, does it matter which one we click first? well if we click the bottom match, then gravity would break up the shape of the top match, and we’d lose our combo.

Making combos from top to bottom isn’t a hard and fast rule. For reasons of both number order and shape it may be preferable in some cases to start from the bottom, but as you’re starting out, following the top to bottom rule is a nice way help make easy combos.

Combos don’t always improve matches

Some to know about combos is that they don’t always improve the results from your matches. I don’t know the exact value but early combos multiply you matches by some decimal points. This means you won’t see a damage or healing increase on 2 or 3 combos unless your match does at least double digits.

  • So if you have high INT, prioritize magic tile combos.
  • If your STR is high, prioritize attack tile combos.
  • Shield combos almost are never worth it.
  • Coin combos always yield more money
  • Exp and treasure combos are rarely worth it.

There are times that you’d want to do attack tile combos with a INT build. I’m gonna go over that edge case in the next section.

Gold Sword Combos

It was far too big to be called a sword tile. Massive, think, heavy, and far too yellow. Indeed it was a heap of raw golden pixels.

Gold Swords are interesting pieces that add alot of complications to making combos. If you’re not careful they can ruin your chains, but they also can be very helpful if you understand how they affect combos.

First let’s go over how gold swords work on a basic level in case we have some folks that came here before playing the game first

When part of a sword tile match, gold swords will explode an erase all tiles in a 3×3 area

Now let’s talk about how gold swords affect the tiles required to make a valid combo.

Take a look at this board

You can see that we have two matches involving gold swords.As I’ve said earlier, you want to start combos with the match that has a lower number of tiles otherwise you combo will drop if you make a clear that has a fewer number of tiles.

But on this board you can actually start with either of these matches and still end up with a 2 combo. That’s because sword tiles that are caught in the gold swords explosion count for the number of tiles in your current step of the combo.

So while you may think the ideal combo in this example is 3 -> 4, it’s actually 4 -> 4.

This is an important thin to be aware of because you may click a group of 3 sword tiles with one gold sword and think your current combo number is 3 tiles, but if the gold sword erases any sword tiles in its explosion, those tiles will be added to the group you clicked, and your combo number can end up being higher than expected. This will throw off you combo planning if you aren’t careful.

Explosive benefits of gold sword chains

A good part about using gold swords in combos is that every tile hit by the explosion also gets boosted by the combo. As I foreshadowed earlier, this can be a good way to use sword combos even without a good STR build. can also be a good way to build health, shield, and other things all at once.

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