Blade & Sorcery – How to Fall From any Height without Taking Damage (No Mods or Cheats)

How to use two Northern Axes to fall from virtually any height without taking fall damage.

How to Avoid Fall Damage Using Two Northern Axes

Step 1 – Stab A Northern Axe In The Bottom Of Another Northern Axe, And Grab Hold Of The Lowest Part Of The Bottom Axe With Both Hands.

If you start to see the two axes come apart, repeat.

I think the angle between the two axes should look something like this.

Step 2 – Go To A High Ledge And Crouch Down As Low As Possible.

Step 3 – Point The Axe So It Points Downwards Before Dropping Down.

Step 4 – Prepare To Bounce Off Of The Ground.

Seriously, you can fall off of the level.

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