Black Knight – Milena – 100% Achievement Guide

A guide to help get 100% Achievement completion in Black Knight – Milena.

Achievement Guide

Story Related (11):

The Avenger, Not as bad as he said, Troll Slayer, Life Saver, It’s Jail Time… Again!!?, Together, We can make it, Black Knight Overcoming Paladin’s Trial, And stop bothering the Brave for Good, Rookie Black Knight, Average Black Knight, Experienced Black Knight

Gallery Completed (All Gallery Images):

Don’t worry about dying; there are no consequences at all to doing so besides having to start at the beginning of the dungeon/area again.

  • Image 1 – Story Related.
  • Image 2 – Die in Oakasia Forest.
  • Image 3 – Get killed by a Spider (possibly by/during a web capture).
  • Image 4 – Die in Borapiz Swamp.
  • Image 5 – Die in Temple of Wood.
  • Image 6 – Die in Temple of Flame.
  • Image 7 – Fall into the lava at Temple of Flame.
  • Image 8 – Die in Freezia Snowfield/Temple of Ice.
  • Image 9 – Die in Gladiator Underprison.
  • Image 10 – Story Related.

The Legendary Slime:

Only available after beating the game. Within the Temple of Wood. Head straight and take the 2nd left.

  • Strategy: Magic is strongly recommended as melee attacks are way too risky (respec at the Guild if needed). The Slime is weak to Lighting attacks, so Lightning, Double Thunder, and Jupiter Thunder are the most efficient ways of attacking. Ice Spirit can also pile on the damage. Bring some Ethers along as you will run out of Mana at some point during this long, but easy, fight. Just keep your distance from the homing poison attacks and dodge if needed.

The Weakest of the Forest Prowler:

Only available after beating the game. At the beginning of Oakasia Forest (Day).

  • Strategy: Magic Attacks are the name of the game. Trying to fight with melee attacks will quickly spell doom. The best (cowardly) method is to hide behind a rock just beyond the first fence. Get the Rabi to follow you and then get stuck on the fence. You can mostly safely use Comet Showers and Lightning. You can also run to its side of the fence, pop Ice Spirit, and run back for additional damage. While much more dangerous than the Slime, it has less HP.

True Black Knight:

If you’ve done every single quest, including the last 2 powerful monsters, this will pop upon turning them in.

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