BioShock Remastered – How to Deal with Ranged Enemies

Fighting Tips

Headshots in general but also with anti-personal rounds from the pistol are damn effective too. One or two on higher difficulties is still a kill most of the time. They also roam and don’t notice you if you tread carefully into most areas, giving you the chance to plan your attacks as needed.

Pay attention to sound, you’ll mostly always hear a splicer before you see them. Hack every single bot and camera you see, a lot of the time this will help pre-clear areas that you have to go back through as you do so.

Always funny to see the “Enemy Triggered” security timer flashing over and over while you’re off in another room looking for eve hypos.

General Survival Tips:

Stacking your best 2 Hacker’s Delight tiers which gives you health and eve on successful hacks is a life saver; essentially turning every vending machine, safe, healing station, turret, drone, and camera into free health kits.

It’s especially useful for healing stations as you can use them as a free heal when hacked, pay discounts while in the area to save on using kits as you rarely run low on money if you search everything well, then break them before you leave for a free health kit or two if you’re low.

Research everything. Use electro bolt or winter blast to stun enemies for a close up shot for good grades. You can get good pictures of Big Daddies as they just walk around without having to fight them, though action shots grant more XP and you can grab those while they fight random splicers.

The more you research, the more damage you do to the various enemy types. Stack the best versions of Eve Link, Medical Expert, Extra Nutrition, and SportBoost that you have on top of Hacker’s Delight from your security tonics and you’ll be unstoppable and basically never die.

You can swap SportBoost for Eve Saver if you’re running low on Eve, but I prefer moving faster in tricky situations.

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