Beyond the Mountains – Dungeon #1 (Walkthrough)

Read this spoiler-free walkthrough from the developer of the game.

How to Clear the First Dungeon

Hello, I’m the official developer for Beyond the Mountains. If you’re having trouble with the game, you can use this spoiler-free walkthrough to help you out!

This walkthrough will not go over any secrets found in-game. You will have to find those out yourself!

Here’s how you can clear the first dungeon.

  • Step on the switch and go through the door that opens.
  • Kill the bat with your sword and open the chest for a key.
  • Retrace your steps and open the locked door.
  • Kill the skeletons and go through the door that opens.
  • Kill the skeleton and continue south.
  • Continue south and go through the bottom path.
  • Go down the stairs and go south.
  • Open the chest and equip the magnet by pressing Y. Press X to use the magnet on the box, creating a path.
  • Go north and use the magnet on the box. Continue north.
  • Kill the rat. Use the magnet on the box to create a path. Step on the switch and open the chest to get a key.
  • Exit via the stairs south.
  • Follow the path and go through the top path. Open the locked door.
  • Beat the boss by using the switch and the magnet.

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