Battle of Frigates – Method for 100% Achievements + Walkthrough

The Method

There are a total of 51 achievements to be had in this game they’re all easy as the achievements stack (kills etc are accumulative).

Game tip – When getting the land canons stick to the nooks in the edge (dark blue bits on the map below) they can’t get you also edge slowly round the map when you see the tip of the enemy ship fire (left mouse button) there is a target to move to the enemy ship so you can see where you’re hitting.

Each enemy takes 3 hits to kill so fire 3 canon balls as fast as you can while still moving. But remember it only takes 3 hits for you to die too !!!


  • W = Forward
  • A = Left
  • S = Back
  • D = Right
  • Left Mouse Button = Fire Ships Canon
  • Right Mouse Button = Drop Mines

The aim is to take out the enemy ships. Watch out for the large canons on land. You collect more canon balls by going over the crates of cannons (circled in red image 1 below).

This is level 1 and achievements are stacked. Blow your self up on enemy mines, shoot enemy ships and land canons, drop your mines, die a lot. So just by playing level 1 you can get many achievements.

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