Baldur’s Gate 3 – Quickkey Torch Guide for Controller Users

Torch Guide

Hey Guys, playing on your keyboard, you may already notice, that you have to dip your torch into a source of fire to lit it up by using your dip bonus action.

Afterwards you have to equip your Torch into you mainhand weapon, and with the magical way of science, you now have a lightsource.

Now as a Controller User it kinds of freak me out, that i have to do the same process over and over again, cause those few clicks with mouse and keyboard are nothing compared with the kind of clunky and timewasting way you need to do so with your controller.

Now here is the tip how to avoid it.

  • Using a controller you may noticed a new equip tab on your char screen, called lightning source.
  • Equip you Torch there.
  • Now choose your character with the torch.
  • Press and hold the D-Pad Up.

Now you got a simple flashlight button, which is by far quicker than the keyboard.

Hope this may help one or another player, cause in my tooltips nothing gives me a hint

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