Back 4 Blood – All Secret Golden Skull Locations (Secret Achievements)

All 10 Golden Skulls have been found so while you are playing the game you might want to pick these up since they give you an achievement.

How to Find All Secret Golden Skull Locations


Down here are 10 short videos of all the locations. I tried to make this guide as easy to follow as possible as well as making it easy to pick the one you are missing in case you already found a few.

Act 1

Golden Skull Locations in Act 1

Port Man Toe’s? – Secret in The Devil’s Return

Bell Hop – Secret in Search and Rescue

Pallet Cleanser – Secret in The Dark Before Dawn

Easily Mist – Secret in Blue Dog Hollow

Act 2

Golden Skull Locations in Act 2

Cooped up – Secret in The Armory

Dangerous to go Alone – Secret in Plan B

Cryptozooligist – Secret in Job 10:22

Act 3

Golden Skull Locations in Act 3

Night of the Living Hedge – Secret in Dr. Rodger’s Neighborhood

Extra Credit – Secret in remnants

Act 4

Golden Skull Location in Act 4

Mind your Step – Secret in Abomination

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