ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON – Best Build for Balteus / Spider Bosses

Balteus / Spider Bosses Build

I beat him the first time with a really bad build against him – I was too light, did very little stagger damage, and couldn’t get through his shield. Took me 2+ hours.

Then when I beat him a second time (taking only 3-4 attempts this time around), I was using…

Balteus Build


  • Bipedal Legs, 2x Bazooka (swapped them to my arms to fire), double shotgun.

Since then I have unlocked 2x Songbirds (double barreled grenade launchers) and stronger shotguns, and could probably beat him in a single try without much effort. If I really wanted to trivialize him though, I would just use the shield destroyer combined with mass bazookas or the like to instantly stagger and harm him when he pauses to try to fire missiles. Or I would go a tank build and keep him constantly staggered, though I would need to keep as close as I can to minimize issues with missiles.

Sea Spider Build

Sea Spider:

  • Reverse jointed legs, pile driver, double shotguns, single Songbird grenade launcher.

This took two attempts, and was after I struggled for 2 hours to win the first time without changing my build.

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