ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Tame a Dodo

This guide will teach you to tame a Dodo.

How to Tame a Dodo

You will need a mastercraft or higher longneck rifle with 500 darts. 5 stacks of narcotics. 4 behemoth gateways and 1 large beartrap.

Use an argy for this. You will need to place 3 behemoth gateways and a large beartrap inside afterwords attract the dodo be careful it will one shot you. Once it goes in the trap place the other behemoth gate behind it so it does not escape. Then start shooting it.

After it gets knocked out quickly put the narcotics in its inventory it loses torpor fast so use 1 stack every 6-10 minutes. Use extraordinary kibble you will need 20 pieces it loses hunger fast so it wont take long for it to get tamed. Now you know. Now tame a dodo and reek havik on all the other dinos. Thanks for reading.

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