ArchaeologyX – Key Bindings

Key Bindings

What to press? This guide is meant as a quick pull up to see what the keybinds are if you (like me) just jump straight into the game and wonder ??? now.


  • Escape/Q – open main menu
  • WASD – Movement
  • Hold right click and mouse move – Camera
  • Left click – Dig at cursor
  • Scroll mouse wheel – zoom camera AND choose dig size (more zoomed = smaller tool)
  • Tab – Open inventory
  • E – Interact (open door, get on horse, gather water)
  • Note! hold E to get out of a car
  • F – Torch (or lights in a car)
  • C or middle mouse – place a marker (place them in a loop to make a boundary)
  • Delete – remove a marker
  • Space – jump (brake when in a car)
  • Shift – Hold to run
  • 1,2,3 – Horse speed
  • 4 – open minimap
  • 5 – open/close journal/notebook

Notes: You can’t use many commands on horseback.

Apparently Shift & + or – alters time of day, but I don’t have those keys on my keyboard. You can get daylight back by resting in your tent.


From the main menu, go to “demo” mode to learn the basics. Really, it’s a good idea to do this – this guide will help in game, but the demo area gives a good quick intro to all controls.

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