Apex Legends – Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

  • Gas traps are highly experimental (and buggy), when and doubt try and get some jank on your barrel position, if the barrel is tilted 45 degrees and not straight up THAT’S GOOD. That way gas gets shot slightly up as well stopping enemies from just jumping on to a box or barrel to get out of the gas.
  • Gas is an amazing zoning tool. Ult can be used to stop a push, force a push a certain direction, res a teammate and decline the enemy to push, and usually if your fighting another caustic, if they aren’t smart, they will push enemy gas due to there dopamine receptors in there brain saying “I can wipe this squad they don’t know I am also a caustic!” and your team beams him.
  • You can hide in your barrel to protect your body while healing or using shields, if you throw it at your feet however it will be slightly floating and expose your lower half while also popping the barrel if YOU fire out of it. To fix this, go up to a wall, toss the barrel at the wall while crouch so it bounces and lands where you are, this makes the barrel land on the ground and allows you to have better protection, you have to perfect because a bad throw will do nothing for protecting you.
  • Caustic is a DEFENSE character so that means pop barrels ALL OVER THE PLACE. If your in a large building? Start dropping barrels like you’re the Easter bunny dropping eggs, put them on doorways, hallways, around corners, hidden in bushes or behind hiding spots. Two important things to note with this however,
  • You want to be dropping barrels all over the place but I would recommend ALWAYS holding 1 barrel in reserve for emergency situations, like a teammate gets down and you need cover, dropping it in a door way while hiding from enemies and etc.
  • For most of these barrels its better to put them in hidden spots then spots that are guaranteed to have enemies walk into. I know what your thinking “Why would I throw my barrel in a spot that they wont walk into, whats the point of putting the barrel there durrr”. Well you idiot what you CAN do is activate the barrels yourselves with your dang ole gun! It allows you to control when you want enemies to walk into certain door ways, trapping enemies inside while your blocking enemies from walking through without taking big damage, and again zoning the play area.
  • Another quick tip to maybe save some damage in a tight situation, when running away while slide jumping for extra speed you can drop a barrel at your feet mid jump to help block some damage from behind you, it will only stop a few bullets unless they wait for it to inflate but that may just save you.
  • Caustics barrels also give major enemy awareness if done well. If you were acting like the Easter bunny leaving barrels all over you can use them as major communication tool. Keep track of how many barrels you have on the field, where they are, and watch them on the mini map. You can see when they are activated as well as hit markers to make it easier to notice, you can also notice where certain barrels are being popped by the enemy by noticing them disappear from your map. This is extremely useful especially in tight situations. This leads into my next point.
  • To fully benefit your team as the gas daddy you NEED to communicate. Caustic has not a lot of in game programmed notifications to your teammates for what barrels are yours, which gas is yours, where your barrels, if your barrels have gone off, when your ult is ready and where you can use it, and ESPECIALLY when there is another caustic in play. You need to be calling out barrels being popped/activated so your teammates have the info as well, need to let them know when a trap/ult isn’t yours so they don’t take damage, and just overall giving info about your knowledge.
  • Gas daddy is also a prime example of having good knowledge when you to push and when to defend. His barrels.
  • Another good way to stop an enemy from pushing and trying to fight you back to res a recently downed teammate is to drop a barrel next to the downed person. Why bother trying to shoot around the shield and instead just gas them out, it slows them down, starts doing lots of tick damage, deters the enemy from pushing through it and stops there chance to res.
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