Apex Legends – How to Low Wall Bounce / Jump

Having issues with wallbouncing off boxes and low walls/structures? Here’s a quick guide if you can’t bother to look it up.

How to Low Wall Bounce / Jump

Simple Normal Wall-bounce

An example of a normal wall bounce which I assume you can do if not:

[Directional input + Slide jump] into the wall, try to have abt 45-60% of ur view towards the wall and then let go of all keys upon contacting of the wall, before jumping again.

Unsuccessful Low Wall Bounce

So you mastered the standard wall bounce, you can wall bounce off every wall-like surface (tall ones)

Here is an example of doing the same inputs off a lower surface like a box in-game or in this clip, a stack of metal panels in the firing range. When using the same inputs, your character holds onto the ledge before attempting to jump off, as such interrupting the movement.

Successful Low Wall Bounce

To obtain a smooth and successful low wall bounce:


[Directional input + Slide jump] into the wall, try to have abt 45-60% of ur view towards the wall.

However, upon contacting the surface, introduce a directional input, (A,S,D) + Jump input to rebound towards the direction you wish.

This allows you to wall bounce of boxes, even supply crates (opened or close)

If you are “entering” from a sideways angle, similar to the “normal wall bounce”, introduce a sideways input or tap strafe into the wall/structure, thus allowing you to wall bounce off.

Final Wall Bounce Tip

There are many ways to use wall bounces, to do cool movements or for actual purposes. In this last clip, you can easily “climb” over head high walls with a normal wall bounce + tap strafe input.

That’s all good luck in your games!

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