Apex Legends – How to Boost FPS

Low fps in Apex Legends? Here is how to make it higher!

How to Boost Fps in Apex Legends?

How to get more FPS in Apex Legends 2021

First of all, u need to choose between quality or performance (more fps)

If u want to get more fps u should lower the settings. Here is what u should turn down and here’s how:

After u open the game click ESC on your keyboard go to settings then video.

  1. Aspect ratio 4:3 or 5:4 can make your fps much better but the game will look a LOT worse and will also look stretched. Not really recommended but if u are that desperate u can lower the resolution.
  2. You can reduce Nvidia reflex to a certain point until u get a decent amount of fps. U can enable fps counter in Apex Legends by going to settings/gameplay scroll down find Performance display and enable it.
  3. Reduce Texture Streaming Budget to 2-4 Gb of Vram I suggest putting 4 so you can see a bit more. If it’s still lagging I suggest making it 2.
  4. Reduce texture filtering To bilinear/trilinear. I suggest trilinear or 2x if your pc isn’t that bad.
  5. I suggest experimenting with Ambient Occlusion Quality and see what fits you the best and what gives u the most fps.
  6. You can reduce the Sun Shadow coverage and Sun Shadow Detail it doesn’t make a lot of difference.
  7. Reducing the shadow details can help too. I suggest disabled or low.
  8. Volumetric Lighting doesn’t make a lot of difference for me but you can try.
  9. Dynamic spot shadows don’t make a lot of difference for me but you can try.
  10. Model detail, Effect detail, Impact detail, Ragdolls reducing that can make a lot of difference. I suggest.

Also, this is a way how to boost fps from steam directly. Go to library right-click apex legends click properties and u will see 2 lines of text which say:

  • “Enable the steam overlay while in-game”
  • “Use desktop Game Theatre while SteamVR is Active”.

If u want the maximum out of your fps disable both of them. If you want to use steam overlay just disable the second one.

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