Among Us – How to Win as The Impostor

Being the impostor is fun and winning as the impostor is also fun, so today I will hopefully help you guys not suck ♥ at Among Us.

The Basics

OK so first thing off is to find a good lobby and be the impostor. Having a teammate helps a lot, and having tasks update during meetings is also super helpful. I like playing with 15 people and 3 impostors, but you do you. Also don’t leave the game just because you didn’t get the impostor.

Anyway this guide will be going over the main things you should focus on when your the impostor to win.

  1. Build an Alibi and get teammates.
  2. Fake Tasks.
  3. Actually kill people.
  4. Hiding the body.
  5. How to not get voted out.

Avoiding Suspicion, by Getting Teammates and Building an Alibi

Yup that is right, you actually need an Alibi of some sort to not get voted out. The best way to gain one is to get people to trust you. If you have multiple impostors than it will be easier because you will already have teammates. You want people to vouch for you, that’s it but how do you do it? You get people to trust you. The best way to do that is to vouch for people that you were with.

Example: One time me and this dude were fixing electric, after I had purposely sabotaged it because I had killed someone in storage. As soon as the body was reported I said that me and him were safe because we were both in electric. He than vouched for me even though I was the impostor. Getting on peoples good side and helping them will most likely result in them vouching for you. If Visuals are turned on lie and say that you saw one of your impostor teammates doing scan, shields, weapons etc.

This will most likely clear them, and you will be surprised at how well it works. Sometimes after a meeting I will purposely not kill, and focus on building trust with other crew-mates. During a meeting make sure to vouch for your impostor teammates, and other crew-mates. Also try to remember the tasks you did and where you went so you actually have an alibi.

How to Fake Tasks

Having the task bar update at meetings is super helpful for you (if you are the impostor) but even if the task bar updates always it is pretty easy to fake tasks. First try faking admin card swipe. This is the task that most people do first so if there is a big crowd than nobody can actually see if you did the task or not.

Trying doing tasks that have multiple steps in them, so you don’t get suspicion for not having the task bar raise up. Try faking wires, and download tasks, because of how easy they are to fake. Faking tasks in electric is best because it is very easy to find people to kill their. Also remember to check up on the cams if you can’t fake any tasks. Do not fake Visual tasks because these will back fire on you badly… duh

How to Kill People

That’s right, you actually need kill people to win. Try finding people that are alone, and in places that are closed off. (Pro Tip) Lets say you and 2 other people are in a room and one leaves. D O N O T immediately kill the other person in the room because the person that just left might poke their head back in.

Also try locking doors when killing people. It makes easier for you so your victim doesn’t run away, and also other people can’t come in. My favorite places to kill are, electric, med-bay, and cams, because of how easy it is to lock the doors there, and they are all connected via vents. Also try getting kills in cafe. Cafe is so big that most people don’t check the top of Cafe, which is where you can get easy kills. Also try not to self-report, and double kills are very hard to pull off in pubs.

How to Hide the Body

Making sure that the victim you just murdered’s body isn’t found, is very important. Try locking doors to keep the body hidden. Try sabotaging to lure people away from the body, and if you got the shape-shifter ability, try disguising as someone else and stand on top of the body. You will be surprised at how well this works. (It mostly works because of how brain dead people are in pubs)..

What to Do If You Get Caught

First off, don’t rage quit or give up their is still hope. Try to get your impostor buddies to help vouch for you. Use the shape-shifter ability as an excuse (yes it works). Your goal is to get the person who is accusing you to get voted about before you. I like to say, “If not (the person that is accusing you) than vote me out next round.

Lets say that happens, your accuser somehow gets voted out, you may think your doomed, (which you are) but try to get as many kills as you can to help your impostor teammates. Immediately sabotage something, (so they can’t call and emergency meeting). And get as many kills as you can. (This only works if you have a teammate).

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