Among Us – How to Get All Endings

There are many many endings in among us and here is how to get them.

All Endings

Note: Credit goes to omegadankbat

Bad ending

The Imposter wins and all the crewmates die.

Good ending

All Imposters get voted out and at least one crewmate survives and win.

Task ending

The crewmates finish all their tasks and win before getting killed by the Imposters, you must have at least one crewmate alive.

Sabotage ending

The Imposters manage to sabotage the ship and win.

Neutral Bad ending

You become Imposter but everyone leaves the game and you automatically win.

Neutral Good ending

The Imposters leave the game.

True ending

All tasks have been finished, but the Imposters are still there.

5% chance of happening when you get the tasks ending.

Secret ending

The Imposters win, but they finish all tasks and be good people.

1% chance of happening when getting Bad ending.

Meteor ending

You weren’t able to complete asteroids quick enough and a meteor hits the ship and everyone dies.

15% chance of happening every 3 minutes and 20% chance if no shields.

Friendly ending

The Imposters become friends with the crewmates.

Mira HQ ending

The Imposters blew up Mira HQ and the crewmates died and all missions with Polus are cancelled.

0.01% chance of happening every second in Mira HQ.

Polus ending

The Imposters push the crewmates in lava and destroy their Polus base.

Fight ending

The crewmates fight back and win.

Must have fighting or gun perk at 100%.

Hacker ending

A hacker joins the game and kills everyone in 1 second.

Coin ending

The crewmates flip a coin, tails is Imposters lose, heads is Imposters win.

50% chance of winning when doing this.

Secret coin ending

The coin doesn’t land in heads or tails so instead everyone dies.

0.00001% chance of happening in coin ending.

Death ending

Among us dies and everyone switches to Fall guys again.

Ending not out yet.

Kicked ending

You got kicked from the game.

True Good ending

The Imposter gets put in prison for 3rd degree murder.

True Bad ending

The Imposters vote out all crewmates.

Update ending

The new map is in the same universe as Henry Stickmin and Henry Stickmin blows it up and gets revenge on the crewmates and Imposters.

Ending coming soon.

Nuclear ending

The Imposters put a nuclear bomb on the ship and it explodes killing everyone.

Happens if the Imposters bring a nuclear bomb.

Final ending

The Imposters retire from killing and everything is normal now.

Final Worst ending

The Imposters come back and kill everyone.

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