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Bro I dunno I just like when the guys in the suits kill each other or something.


Red would seem to be the figurehead among his friends. He’s generally understanding and doesn’t discriminate others, however his temper is quite explosive if you get him going. Which only happens if there’s a threat of Impostors in the area.

  • Typical Job: Medbay
  • Likes: Everyone
  • Dislikes: Impostors


Blue spends most of his time slacking off, which is concerning as he typically has to take care of the Reactor. But at least he’s fun to hang around and isn’t a total slouch when someone gives him a challenge.

  • Typical Job: Reactor
  • Likes: Relaxing, Red, Orange, Brown
  • Dislikes: Work, White, Black, Purple


Green is just a hard worker overall. Her ability to fix everything in seconds amazes the Crew, especially White. However she is focused on working, even during her breaks. If she wasn’t there, the Crew might not be able to manage too well.

  • Typical Job: Electrical
  • Likes: Work, White, Red, Cyan, Purple, Brown
  • Dislikes: Brakes, Yellow


Pink is pretty self-absorbed, only caring for their own well-being. Which makes him pretty annoying to most Crew members. However he doesn’t act the same when White is around.

  • Typical Job: Downloads & Uploads
  • Likes: Himself, White?
  • Dislikes: Red, Purple, Lime, Orange, Black


Orange is one of the happier Crewmates. She’s the Crew clown and for good reason. Telling funny jokes. Doing impersonations… say… that’s kind of what an Impostor does…

  • Typical Job: Storage
  • Likes: Comedy, Dancing, Red, Lime, Brown, Blue
  • Dislikes: Pink


Yellow is the very opposite of Green’s skill. They’ll fumble with anything they interact with, causing great concern to other Crew members with highly sensitive jobs. However she’s very well spoken, which is why White probably hasn’t booted her off the Crew yet. Otherwise, not much is not known about her.

  • Typical Job: Oxygen
  • Likes: ???
  • Dislikes: ???


Black is the most hostile of the Crew members, trying to replicate what White does (which he fails horribly at). He’ll bark orders when things aren’t to his liking, but most Crew won’t take his words in a serious manner.

  • Typical Job: Weapons & Shields
  • Likes: “Order”, White
  • Dislikes: “Slackers” (everyone except Green and White)


White unlike Red, is the actual leader of the Crew. She manages the Crew’s jobs while doing her own, she’s all work and no play however when it comes to actual working. However, when things are at ease. She doesn’t mind spending some time with the Crew. Even though they think White secretly is testing them in some way.

  • Typical Job: Admin & Communications
  • Likes: Order, Organization, Leadership, Red, Green,
  • Dislikes: Black, Blue, Purple, Impostors, Sabotages,


Purple doesn’t mind talking with Crewmates, but will only do so in large groups. Whenever he hears the word “Impostor” he’ll spring into action. Acting as the detective almost and disregarding any authority figures word. He’ll keep tabs on everything. Making sure everyone is safe. But this puts him in danger as he’s actively looking for a dangerous creature.

  • Typical Job: Security
  • Likes: Justice, Red,
  • Dislikes: Impostors, White, Black, Pink, Blue, Sabotages,


If it wasn’t for Brown’s horrible interactivity of technology he could be in Navigation. But he’s stuck in Engines which he doesn’t mind too much as he does something for the Skeld. But this leaves him typically alone besides when he meets up with Blue or Orange and sometimes Green.

  • Typical Job: Engines
  • Likes: Blue, Orange, Green, Red
  • Dislikes: ???


Cyan seems to have the most nicknames due to her color being very hard to tell. Such as Light Blue, Sky Blue and Teal. But those who are more formal will address her as Cyan. But that’s if she ever comes out of Navigation, as she constantly worries about delays and other obstacles.

  • Typical Job: Navigation
  • Likes: Isolation, Green, Red, White,
  • Dislikes: Yellow, Black, Pink,


Some say Lime isn’t very suited in terms of calm demeanor. Lime is extremely skittish and easily scared. If there’s a possible Impostor he will hide in a large group or isolate himself in a unoccupied room. However if he doesn’t feel safe alone. He’ll stick around Orange, Purple, Red or White.

  • Typical Job: Cafe & Garbage
  • Likes: Security, Communications, Admin, Cafe, Safety, Red, Orange, White, Purple
  • Dislikes: Electrical, Darkness, Reactor, Impostors, Sabotages
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