Among Us – Beginner’s Guide for Crewmate

This is a guide meant for new players (or anyone with a desire to learn). I will cover what I believe to be the fundamentals of the game that will help the newest of players to be better crewmates. The guide is intended to be as in-depth as possible without being too advanced and overwhelming the (assumably new) reader.

Beginner’s Guide

Note: Credit goes to Schlime


Among Us is a murder mystery game where multiple colored spacemen try to uncover alien Impostors. The objective of this guide is to help new players understand how to play the Crewmate role better. I’ll be covering all the basics of the game and the things that I believe are fundamental to being successful while playing Crewmate. I try my best to go as in-depth as I can while keeping the guide at the base-level for the newbies. Hopefully, after reading this guide you will have a better grasp on what you should be doing to consistently uncover the Impostor and make friends while doing it. Enjoy the read!

If you prefer things in a video format, I made a video based on this guide utilizing most of it as a script (plus some things that I was able to visualize through video!) Check it out!

Have An Alibi!

The biggest mistake I see when playing Among Us is people lacking alibi’s. Let’s define an alibi. In regards to Among Us, an alibi is a defense for someone by providing an account of their whereabouts at the time of a murder. That being said, it’s common for people to get nervous and not want to be around others at all. So, they go off on their own to complete their tasks, hoping no one will pass by. While it may sound productive, it’s not! This leaves you vulnerable to being carelessly murdered by an Impostor; OR when a murder occurs, you have no one to say you didn’t do it. Having no alibi makes you a suspect to the crime, and could allow for an Impostor to use their silver tongue in a discussion to make others believe you did it. When this happens, you have effectively given the Impostors a free kill and ended your own run.

To prevent this from happening, I have a simple solution. Find someone to do tasks with! By sticking with a fellow Crewmate you have an effective safety net to complete your tasks. An Impostor is SIGNIFICANTLY less likely to kill you in front of another Crewmate. And on the off-chance they do kill you, you have someone there to report the death immediately.

By piggybacking another player both of you can complete your tasks together in the safety of numbers. I can’t leave out the possibility of you rolling with an Impostor though. If you get unlucky and try to do tasks with an Impostor you’re probably going to die. But it’s better to try sticking with someone than to be left alone!

Silver Tongue: Refers to someone being persuasive and able to convince others.

Know Your Map and Tasks

When playing Among Us one of the best things you can do to improve your gameplay is to know your maps and tasks for those respective maps. Often you’ll have people asking you what task you were doing. You need to be able to speak clearly and specifically about what tasks you were completing. Not all maps have the same tasks!

For example, The Skeld has shields, Mira HQ has plants, and Polus has an entire wiki list. 

If you accidentally mention a task from a different map than the one you’re playing, someone will notice and call you out for it. When this happens you become suspect for not having a story that checks out, which can lead to you getting the boot. Avoid this by knowing what your tasks are, on what map they’re on, and where on the map you do them. By knowing this you can better defend yourself in a discussion. Having this knowledge also helps you plan your route better. Rather than mindlessly wandering around the map, you can plan an efficient route that lets you become “task-complete” sooner than other Crewmates. Once you are “task-complete” you can stick in larger groups to help protect yourself and your Crewmates better.

Task-Complete: When you have completed all your tasks you are considered task-complete

Pay Attention to Other Players

By paying attention to players you can gain a lot of information. Simple things like checking who is trying to restore power and seeing who plays alone can tell you a lot. As I’ve stated, it is beneficial to be in pairs so you have an alibi. If someone is alone all the time that could mean they are looking for another lone player to grab an easy kill. With nobody around, an Impostor has time to make an escape to find an alibi. Although this isn’t always the case, it should cause worry. Pay attention to the people who don’t go to turn on the power. Sometimes a Crewmate wont go to power because they are finishing a long task and assume others will get it done. However, this is often not the case. An Impostor will often try to kill someone going to power, rather than going to fix it themselves. This is an opportune time for the Impostor since it is highly unlikely someone will see the kill. Noticing things like this can give you a better idea of who is likely a Crewmate and who is likely an Impostor. Do note that this isn’t hard evidence! It is something worth bringing up in discussion, but don’t go headfirst into an accusation based on that alone. It may give off the impression you just want someone to be booted out, which is a strategy sometimes utilized by Impostors. You don’t want to be considered an Impostor just for having a thought.

Listen During Discussion Time

In addition to paying attention to player actions, take note of what they say during discussions. I will dive deeper into this in a more advanced guide, for now we will stick with the basics. To start I’ll talk about Impostor aggression and silence. People tend to speak differently when they play Impostor compared to when they play Crewmate. Sometimes, instead of providing additional information to help uncover the Impostor, they will remain silent and just let things happen so they don’t draw attention to themselves. If the player goes unnoticed they may be successful in waiting for the group to vote out a Crewmate on accident. Understand that this isn’t always a dead giveaway, but note that this is unusual behavior for a Crewmate.

Alternatively, an Impostor may be hyper aggressive and attempt to dominate the conversation not allowing others to defend themselves. Most Crewmates won’t feel the need to drown out other’s voices since they are trying to gain more information. It may be appropriate to call out the conversation dominator and see how the discussion develops. Do realize who you’re playing with though. Some people talk A LOT regardless of which role they’re playing. You need to pay close attention to these people and find trends in their mannerisms between games to piece together if they’re lying or not. It can be challenging to do this, but if done successfully you will be able to make a more educated read on them.


This guide is not guaranteed to make you a master of playing Crewmate. However, I strongly believe that if you incorporate everything you’ve read here into your gameplay you will improve your gamesense and be a better Crewmate (which will lead to more wins!)

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