Among Us – Basic Tips for Crewmates and Impostors

Some basic tips for playing as Crewmate or Impostor from someone with nearly 20 hours of playtime.

Getting Kills (Impostor)

There are three general ways to get kills: The Self-Report, the Vent and the Runaway. These can all be easily figured out based on the title. They are good in their own ways but simultaneously bad in some situations. A big brain strat for a Self-Report is to get in a group of three, select your target, break off, wait for your target’s follower to leave or for the target to leave your follower then kill them and immediately report the body.

You can say you came into the place where you found the body of your victim and that their follower was nearby, thus convincing the crew to vote the follower. Note that this won’t work if your target breaks off from multiple people – you will then have more witnesses than supporters. However, it will work if your partner is with you OR the target is left behind by their follower/s. Also note that in this strat, the number of followers should be the same as the remaining followers or less. A big-brain strat for the Vent is to select your target, break off from them, hop into a vent somewhere, hunt them down, snap them, go back into the vents and back to where you were. If a Crewmate is there, find somewhere else. Vent out and stay there until the body is reported a meeting is called and boom!

You have an alibi! You should preferably vent to where your partner is so your alibi can be protected. Finally, the Runaway. This is by far the hardest strat to pull off and the most risky. But here’s a big-brain of mine: Look at Admin and find someone isolated and in a room that you shouldn’t have to cross more than four screens to get to. Also make sure that it’s connected to another room and there’s nobody nearby. Hunt them down, kill them off and them make a mad dash for your target spot. If your target spot happens to have some crew, then hey! You can just stick with them and maybe “find” the body. Then people are more likely to support you! One last trick is Snaking. Snaking is when you find a group of two buddies, wait for them to split up, kill the most isolated one and report the body.

Everyone will think the two were together and will vote off the reaming one giving you two less pieces of prey to kill in a short span of time. You can even fit in Double Kills if you’re smart enough. And lastly, don’t Double Kill in plain sight or areas with high foot traffic. Do it in places like Medbay or Electrical where there’s low traffic and nobody can see you in there.

Sherlock Moves (Crewmate)

Here’s some Sherlock Moves for y’all:

  • Despite instinct, NEVER camp on cams or doorlog especially if it’s near a Vent or Bloodbath Area(an area with high corpse traffic). You will land yourself high up on the bounty list for the Impostors. Instead, do laps around the base once you’re finished with your tasks.
  • NEVER hurl accusations without supporters or strong evidence. Impostors will snap you and crewmates will become sus of you. Also never vote people who are simply sus unless there is compelling evidence from more supporters than remaining impostors OR everyone is dogpiling. Hurling and acute voting will cause the same problems as I mentioned before: Impostors will snap you and crewmates will become sus of you.
  • Suspect quite crewmates or those who have been breaking off from the crowd the whole game. It is a common Impostor trick to make alibis about being in sparse locations OR to only speak when spoken to, so secret-sus the quite kids and lone wolves.
  • Look for visual indicators and keep an eye on the taskbar. All three visual tasks in the game can be found in The Skeld being Storage Chute, Medbay Scan and Asteroids. Storage Chute is Skeld-only and Asteroids isn’t visual when playing MIRA HQ. The taskbar is pretty obvious. Another thing is to look out for people taking too long to do tasks. There’s likely a spreadsheet showcasing the length of each task somewhere.
  • Buddy up with a cleared crewmate. They won’t kill you and the Impostors will attempt avoiding to kill you outside of Double Kills or snaking/framing.
  • Be an idiot whilst gathering sus info about clean-slate impostors when there’s one remaining and there are no crewmates around. You will not land on the bounty list and the crew won’t be sus of you either.

Sabotage Tips (Both)

Sabotage is a special occasion, and I have some tips to either trigger it or solve it.

Impostor Tip One: Either fake a task or keep moving when performing sabotage. The Sherlocks around are always looking for people who stand still before sabotage strikes. I’d say moving is better because then you’re even less likely to be sussed.

Crewmate Tip One: Look for Stand-Stillers. This is a bit of an In-The-Bad-Guy’s-Shoes thing here, but most Impostors don’t know that you can move around whilst sabotaging. Just try not to do it if you’re the only susser or there’s another impostor.

Impostor Tip Two: Fix your own sabotage early on. Whilst this might seem like a -800IQ move, it’s actually pretty smart. It builds up a little bit of trust in yourself amongst the crew and gives you a supportable alibi if a body gets reported or someone calls a meeting soon after.

Crewmate Tip Two: Avoid fixing Sabotage or go for the other side if people are already on the job. Multiple people trying to fix the same sabotage at once leads to chaotic messes where it takes ages for your fixes to register in the brains of the crew. Lights is probably the worst offender followed by MIRA HQ Comms.

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