Amber Trail – Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that were common during testing.

Questions and Answers

Can i change the weapon?

  • Yes, you can upgade you sword in Blacksmith building.

How can I heal myself?

  • There are few options, the easiest one is to the skill “Prayer to the zywa” which is available since level 1. You can build Zywa shrine that heals surroundings after prayer. You can hire a witch in witch house that can heal you or get a Amber Lantern, but this is expensive one 😀

Its getting dark, can I get some lights?

  • Yes, you can buy torches and lanterns in Main Tower, Gold coin icon on the left.

My archer is killing monsters but I do not get experience

  • You need to hit monster at least once to get experience or get skill “Experienced Leader”. With this skill you no longer need to hit monsters to get experience when your soldiers or shrines kills monsters.

How can i get money/coins?

  • There are few ways of getting them. By trading, by accepting wandering trader offers in helping them with monsters. You can build Roadhouse that makes money out of fame, or you can try killing some cemetery hags, but i do not recommend it.

How can i get iron ore or others ores?

  • Every place is richer in some resources, you can get it by trading with places that offers them. You can also accept wandering traders offers from these places. Or you can fix Old mine.

Items lay on the ground, soldiers are hungry, seems like workers do not work.

  • Workers have different priorities for different tasks. The most important thing for them is eating, sleeping and praying, then doing the job they were hired to do, then repairing buildings, collecting items and finally feeding soldiers. So you might want to keep some workers unemployed so they will be picking every job, hired workers had no time to do.

How potions work?

  • Potions from witch house are throwable items that breaks on landing. So if you buy poison potion for example and throw it into enemies. The potion will break leaving poison aura that gives “tons of damage” to enemies. Potions will also break if you place it in a building, and that building gets destroyed. Obstacles with poison or sticky potions might be very helpful.

I want more, are you planning on making more content?

  • Yes! Yes i do! I want to add more. More monsters, more buildings, more swords and skills. I want to add more biomes and other features.
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