Aliens: Fireteam Elite – How to Improve Bots

Tired of having bootleg synths following you around? I got your back! Meet Delta and Gamma – Weyland-Yutani battle synths.

Improved Bots

Battle Synths

  • I present to you my new mod – Battle Synths – Nexus

New and improved synth teammates that are capable of carrying you through intense missions (both horde and campaign) and survive for longer if you are competent on extreme (you will have to help them with the big guys, I was able to make it to wave 6 on extreme horde with them).


  • 3000 Health
  • Unlimited self heal with shorter cooldown
  • Better aim and accuracy with shorter reload times
  • Longer engagement range
  • Faster reaction times
  • Higher damage on both primary and secondary weapons (You will rarely see the shotgun unless you use pistols only challenge card)
  • Improved grenade (Damage, radius, cooldown)
  • Improved melee (Damage and cooldown)
  • Improved stamina and stamina regen
  • Stumble immunity in critical situations
  • Improved looks 🙂
  • Other small tweaks

Known issues:

If you stand idle without shooting for 10+ seconds bots will enter a passive state and wait for you to act first


Place the .pak into [GAME]\Endeavor\Content\Paks~mods folder.. Don’t forget the ~mods folder. You need it for the mod to work.

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