Alekon – Dracory`s Quiz Guide

If you aim to get the Unclouded Memory here’s your guide: List of questions and correct answers for the Dracory Quiz.

Dracory’s Quiz Guide

List of questions and correct answers for the Dracory Quiz:

  • What causes Dullness?
    Correct Answer: Not exercising your creativity.
  • How do you stump The Enlightened One?
    Correct Answer: Ask Him about the meaning of life!
  • What rule is described in section 114, subsection 6A of the Bizyburd ‘s Island Manual?
    Correct Answer: No eating during work hours.
  • What color does a Kroix ‘s crystal turn when they are surprised?
    Correct Answer: Octarine
  • Who maintains the order on Idyll Island ?
    Correct Answer: Orashells
  • How does Molo move between his holes?
    Correct Answer: By magic!
  • Who lights the candles on the Snowdrop Slopes ?
    Correct Answer: Luminus!
  • How do Spookees come into existence?
    Correct Answer: When a fiction is spooked…
  • What happens to a donut when it ripens?
    Correct Answer: It becomes lighter.
  • How does one befriend a fiction?
    Correct Answer: You share donuts and help them with their troubles.
  • Who invented the Magnavus ?
    Correct Answer: Is it possible that I did?
  • Why do Bizyburds flap their wings?
    Correct Answer: To cool off.
  • Who uses the hot spring at the foot of the Snowdrop Slopes ?
    Correct Answer: Bigheart!
  • Who formed the Orashell Society of Concealment?
    Correct Answer: You did!
  • What do Kuki Birds use their tail for?
    Correct Answer: Tricking other fictions.
  • Which fiction has the most bones in its body?
    Correct Answer: Ray-tay!
  • Why do McMuneys dig?
    Correct Answer: To hide treasure.
  • Who is the Realm ‘s best musician?
    Correct Answer: Sonawing
  • Why do Waltoks have such huge mouths?
    Correct Answer: To cheer more loudly.
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