Alan Wake – Every Nook and Cranny Achievement Guide

In this guide i’ll tell you where to find the chests, and what can you find in it.

How to Obtain Every Nook and Cranny Achievement

Episode 1: Nightmare

Waking up to a Nightmare

1. There is one found behind stacks of wood in the lumber yard, after the office falls over the cliff. Head through the gate and deal with several taken, then head left around the structure and it is in the corner.
It contains a Flare Gun.

2. After crossing the river, climb up the rocks and turn left down a corridor of logs, look to the left stack where there is a ladder, climb it and head up the cliff, enter the shack at the top where the chest is in a corner at the back.
It contains two packs of lithium batteries.

3. After traversing the logs in the lumberyard, there is a shed with a radio in it, behind this shed is another structure with a rusted, old pickup truck, and the chest is next to it.
It contains a flare gun.

4. After dropping down the ledge to a dirt road, instead of turning right, turn left, near then dead end of this turn, look to the right, and the chest is behind some rocks.
It contains a Flare Gun.

Episode 2: Taken

Elderwood National Park

1. Inside Moonshine Cave. Go left at the fork when Alan states, “Lover’s Peak was at the far end of the nature trail.”
It contents: lithium batteries, with a shotgun standing next to it.

2. After the cut scene at Lovers’ Peak, turn around and head down a rocky ramp, the chest will be in a cave.
It contents: 3 flares and lithium batteries.

3. When you approach the plane, climb up onto its right wing and follow the wingtip to a rock ledge, where the chest is on a ledge below.
It contents: 2 flares.

4. Along the road back to the cabin in the pickup truck, you will be detoured into a field by a logging truck blocking the road. In the field is a shed there with a chest inside.
It contents: 2 flares.

5. When you return to the cabin for Barry, a chest can be found behind the cabin.
It contents: a flare gun round.

Episode 3: Ransom

On the Run

1. On the way to the radio station, you’ll find a safe haven with a radio and flashbangs sitting on a crate nearby. Continue along until you see flashing lights of a police car in the distance. There’s a small rock along the trail with an arrow pointing you up a hill into a mine/cave containing the crate.
Contents: batteries and 3 flares.

2. Before the train depot, along the path that runs parallel with the train track; there is a fork in the road with a manuscript page sitting on a tree stump. Take a left and follow the path to a shack where the chest resides.
Contents: batteries and 3 flares.

Mirror Peak

3. Upon exiting the coal mining complex, you will traverse a foggy area leading to a fork in the road. Take the left fork up the hill, passing wooden pillars and mine carts, to a mine entrance. The chest is inside.
Contents: 3 flashbangs.

4. Past the ghost town, you will head up two sets of ladders. Continue on the path and through a gap in the fence on the left, go through it and follow the path to find the chest.
Contents: a flare gun and one round.

5. After crossing the rope bridge, continue along the trail; then head left to a curved rock wall. The chest is hidden behind a rock.
Contents: a flare gun and one round.

Episode 4: The Truth

Cauldron Lake Lodge

1. In the lodge gardens, you will come across a pool enclosed by a metal gate and wooden porticos. Head past the pool and bear right, across the low stone boundary, to the cliff’s edge, then follow it to the chest at the end.
Contents: a flare gun and one round.

The Anderson Farm

2. After investigating the cabin with the blue pickup truck, exit out the window, turn right, and head into the basement via the cellar door. The chest is at the back.
Contents: a flare and a flashbang.

3. Drive the blue pickup down the winding dirt road, straight through the T-junction and enter the small cabin on the left. The chest will be on your right on the opposite corner.
Contents: two flashbangs.

4. Drop down into a field, through a hole in the guardrail, near the windmill. Then, head left into the building with a rusted tractor nearby. The chest is at the back of the room.
Contents: revolver ammo and a flashbang.

Episode 5: The Clicker

Night Life in Bright Falls

1. After bypassing the gate controls at the Sheriff’s station, head to the T-junction and turn right towards the Deerfest float. The chest is at the end of a boardwalk, adjacent to the metal gate.
Contents: a flare gun and one round.

2. Also at the T-junction, there is a building on the water labeled Fresh Seafood – Fish & Shrimp. Cross the gate in the chain link fence and follow the pier around the building, then climb the steps to a chest at the top.
Contents: lithium batteries and a flare gun.

3. When searching for the helicopter keys in the town hall, head upstairs to Hall Records and through the door. A chest is in this room.
Contents: a flare gun and a flare.

4. After exiting the bookstore, head left into a shed. The chest is inside.
Contents: a flare gun and one round.

Bright Falls Light & Power

5. When you drop down into the transformer yard, turn left. The chest will be at the end.
Contents: a flare and a flashbang.

6. After the helicopter leaves you at the outskirts of the power plant, make your way to the water’s edge and follow. The chest will be against the plant wall.
Contents: 2 flashbangs and 2 flare gun rounds.

7. When you meet up with Sarah and Barry after leaving the power plant, take the pathway left around the red hut. There is a chest along the way.
Contents: a hunting rifle and ammo

Episode 6: Departure

On the Road to Cauldron Lake

1. Along the road to Cauldron Lake, you will see a blue sign for 97.6 KBF-FM, log bundles and logging machinery. Turn left and follow the dirt track to the bottom, where a shed containing the chest is located.
Contents: a flashbang and a flare gun round.

2. When you first enter the junkyard, go behind the building with the blue pickup truck parked in front, to a roof-only storage building containing the chest.
Contents: 3 flares and 2 flashbangs.

3. After leaving the junkyard, there is a part where you have to exit your vehicle, at this junction look left to the broken bridge, enter the building next to it and a chest is inside.
Contains a flash bang and flare gun.

4. After the cart ride with the ravens, head past the safe haven and head down the hill, turn right at the bottom to find the chest.
Contains 2 flash bangs, 2 rounds for the flare gun, and a bundle of 3 flares.

5. After climbing a set of stairs filled with black sludge, you have to enter a building, immediately upon entering turn right and the chest will be in the corner.
Contains two flash bangs and a bundle of three flares.


If you open the chests, you can get 2 achivements:

1. Finders Keepers – Discover five of the hidden chests.

2. Every Nook and Cranny – Discover all of the hidden chests

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