Airport CEO – How to Thrive in Extreme Difficulty

You want to play extreme difficulty? For the incident frequency maybe? The initial cash scare you? No problem! Read here!

[1] Starting from the Bottom

This guide assumes you understand how to play the game, if you do not understand the game and you are a new player, please use the in-game tutorial or find another guide, thank you!

Alright, so you want to play Extreme? The most often desire for Extreme is the frequency of incidents, since they show up a lot more in Extreme compared to the others. Is the starting cash scaring you? It’s alright, this guide will leave you finished with a General Aviation airport, an office building to research new things, and a good passive income that will allow you to expand into Commercial airlines fairly easily!

Beginning your airport

For the record, it doesn’t matter where you start your airport or what map size you use, that is completely up to you. The only thing that matters is that you choose Extreme.

First thing you’ll want to do is pause, sign a contractor contract, and deploy all of them. You’ll need your contractor to act quick once you unpause. (Again, stay paused for now.)

Now, here comes the main part to help your Extreme run! Once you’re done with above, you will want to hire a CFO. It doesn’t matter what they pay per hour is, but the lower typically is better, since it does not affect their performance working for executives. Do not bother building an office for them, they will function even as the game is paused, and all you need to do now is go to the Fees tab and rack up everything related to GA to max! It should look like this when you’re done.

Next, you’re going to build the cheapest GA airport known to man, all grass, no qualities, not even emergency preparation! We’ll get into detail about that last one later.

I personally recommend building your GA airport in the north of your map block, since it is the farthest away from the world entrance, which will be used for your Commercial later.

[2] Making Money and Surviving Extreme

Like mentioned in the section before, you’re going to be building the cheapest GA airport you can think of with your $500,000 initial money. If you cannot think of a design, I have one pictured below which will work! REMEMBER TO ADD FENCES!

(If you are using the GA airport design above, you should have about $67,000 left!)

Once you’ve gotten it planned out, don’t unpause yet still! We’re still not done! Be sure to open your airport, allow General Aviation, and while it is not needed, optionally hire a COO for automatic repairing of your airfield!

After you’ve gotten all of that out of the way, now is the time to unpause and let the contractors come to do their work! Your increased fees will keep you afloat, and don’t worry about incidents, they won’t come!

“Why won’t incidents show up?”

Currently, incidents do not spawn until you’ve researched a Commercial License, and.. we obviously have not yet, so no need to worry about fees destroying your only revenue!

Assuming your contractors are done building, the GA is flying in to land, and you’re making revenue off scamming GA, you now have a self-sustaining money making machine! Feel free to upgrade it to higher quality materials and provide the planes with Avgas 100 Fuel at your own leisure, if you do, GA lands more commonly and quickly, giving you even more money!

It may not feel like much.. but this is all you really need for revenue. Everything after this is purely to help you prepare for the rest of the game! Get ready for the final section!

[3] Preparing for the Future

Now that you have a GA airfield making you enough revenue to slowly expand your airport, you have a few things you should do to prepare for the foreseeable future of it.

Listed in priorities below

  1. An office to research future projects
  2. A small commercial terminal to start growing
  3. Further qualities for the GA airport to run even smoother

The research office

Building an office to house your executives and administrators is a great and easy way to build a researching area without it getting in the way. Your GA airfield will keep making you money to a point where you can build a pretty small office and still make plenty of money! An example of a tiny office can be found below..

Upgrading GA

By upgrading GA, giving them higher quality tarmac and Avgas 100 Fuel, they show up more quickly, making you even faster money! This may become necessary when you have Commercial running, since low quality GA can hurt your overall ratings.

Researching Commercial and the consequences

Getting into Commercial in Extreme is probably the hardest part. Do not research Commercial until you are sure you have enough administrators, money, and plans to deal with incidents.

By researching Commercial, you will need to quickly research Emergency Response, if you do not, you will be attacked with events you cannot handle, and be charged accordingly. It is recommended to take out a loan to ensure you have the money to build a police station, a fire station, a few hangers for both GA and Commercial, and building the Commercial Terminal itself, but waiting for revenue off the GA is also an option.

Did you manage to get Emergency Response researched and built in time before your pocket sank? Do you now have a terminal to schedule flights and a GA airfield to back you up? Then you’ve done it! You’ve survived the initial challenge of Extreme and are free to play with common incidents! Your GA should help you start up your terminal for Commercial, and your emergency responders should keep you free of those terrible fees!

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