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Untitled Goose Game - Elegant Achievement / Trophy Guide

Dec 18, 2019    

Untitled Goose Game Guides:

Elegant Achievement

Perform at the pub wearing a ribbon.

  • Once you reach the final area (the pub) then you can open gates near the well and go back to the second gardens.
  • Go into the woman's garden and when she is not looking remove the red ribbon from the duck statue.
  • Move the duck statue out of view, then stand where the statue was and press B.
  • If the woman was unaware of all this, she should soon arrive and put the ribbon onto you.
  • Leave via the man's garden and go to the pub.
  • Use the box outside to get into the pub (jump in it and press B).
  • Look for the 2 women in the pub garden, and stand on the platform.
  • When they make a sound, honk, when they bow, you bow, when they flap, you flap.
  • They will give you a flower, and this achievement should pop.