Your Dry Delight – Tips and Secrets

Your Dry Delight - Tips and Secrets
Your Dry Delight - Tips and Secrets

Just some interesting findings 🙂

Tips and Secrets

As I enjoyed game very much I’ve spend enough time playing through different sets of choices and get some findings that may be useful or interesting for others.

First thing is choices’ relevance to Meyer’s or Leslie’s routes. Five first choices affect the route you get at but you have to pick up only 3 choices’ options corresponding with route.

I’ve checked all sets of options to find out relevance between option of choice and route, so you may see results below (choices and its options are presented as they appear in the game):

1. I worry about you too… Leslie’s
Don’t worry. I’ve got this. Meyer’s

2. Spit it out Leslie’s
Swallow Meyer’s

3. One’s enough for me Leslie’s
Is there any better better…? Meyer’s

4. …Whiskey. Meyer’s
I don’t know something sweet? Leslie’s

5. …and he flirted with me. Leslie’s
…and he seemed important. Meyer’s

Other choices on each route affect just on information you’d get or Richter’s behavior.

Second thing is about choice 4–depending on point you’ve got there will be text’s differences on each route. Those differences are more sufficient on Meyer’s route and almost insignificant on Leslie’s one.

And finally-there are two endings, actually. Both are similar in common, but there are several phrases that refer either Leslie’s or Meyer’s route. Though Meyer’s ending is easily may be missed, because in your first playthrough you have to get both routes and whatever of them you take first, you can get only Leslie’s ending (proved on Steam and android releases). So if you want to read Meyer’s ending you should play his route once more after finishing game.

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