Jalopy – How to Make Loads of Money (Easy)

Jalopy - How to Make Loads of Money (Easy)
Jalopy - How to Make Loads of Money (Easy)

In this guide, you will learn how to get, (Drum roll…) Loads of money in Jalopy! I used it to get Cream Paint, new trough Carburetor, and Digital Dash! You can get anything with this glitch!

How to Make Money!

Step One: Go To Hotel

To start, you need to be at a hotel in any city, preferably where the room price is very high.

Step Two: Become a Room Service Imposter The Fun Part

Once you are inside the desired hotel, Knock on as many doors as you can. If the room price is higher, the more money you will get for the NPCs you trick!

Step Three: Stay The Night

Once you have knocked on the doors, you may or may not, have earned yourself some cash. Regardless of whether you have or not, stay the night. This will reset all of the doors, and give you more chances to earn money!

Step Four: Save and Quit, And Repeat!

After You have stayed the night, Knock on all of the doors again, There is a 40/60 Chance of you earning money, after you have knocked, Save And quit! This will also reset the doors, and you can repeat this until you have your desired amount of money.

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