Youtubers Life – Fashion Show Tips (Fashion Channel)

Youtubers Life - Fashion Show Tips (Fashion Channel)
Youtubers Life - Fashion Show Tips (Fashion Channel)

In the Fashion channel, staging Fashion Shows is one of the possible ways to earn income, and subscribers and views if they’re recorded and uploaded.

Tips for Fashion Channel

Staging Them

Once you unlock fashion shows in the Student’s Apartment, you can begin staging them. You’ll need to select the following before staging them:

  • In how many days (2, 4, 6, 8 or 10).
  • Which brand you will sponsor.
  • Which runway (Determines the difficulty).
  • Number of models (2-4, depending on runway).
  • Whether you’ll record the show or not (Requires Fashion Show talent).

The Memory Game

Before models go on the runway, they’ll have to wear a certain outfit. When they put on their outfits, you have to add the missing pieces. To add them properly, you’ll have to play the memory game by remembering what they’re wearing before proceeding. Each model can have 2-4 missing outfit pieces, difficulty-wise. If you have a good memory, you can easily ace through this part of the fashion show.


Once you finish helping the model, they will begin to walk on the runway. They have to do three poses properly. For them to do it right, you have to click on the correct mouse button while the circles match.

  • If they do any of the poses correctly, the audience will cheer.
  • If all poses fail, the audience will boo at the model.


Once all models pose on the runway, the results of the fashion show will display, showing the score of all 2-4 models:

On their photos, the top right will display which garments were correct and incorrect. Below it:

  • Pose: Number of correct poses.
  • Remaining Time: How much time was remaining on the clock.
  • Score: The overall score for the turn of the model.

Just below all photos will display the total score combined.

Afterwards, click on Continue to see your earnings.

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