GTFO – How to Survive (Comprehensive Guide)

GTFO - How to Survive (Comprehensive Guide)
GTFO - How to Survive (Comprehensive Guide)

This is the ultimate survival guide for every diver. Use this knowledge wisely.

Complete Survival Guide


Warning! This guide doesn’t guarantee your survival.


GTFO is 4-player co-op FPS horror game. Your team will have to explore a necromorph infested underground facility known as “The Complex” with each level varying in difficulty with its own mission objective. From A to E, the deeper the level, the harder it gets. Each level has its special parameters that doesn’t change allowing you to plan ahead but they are generated differently from each play giving you a different experience from each play-through. The game usually favours stealth over firepower as firing your weapon will attract enemies within the immediate area. Each level is divided by zones which are then divided by areas.


Gates separates each room and have readable information on them which can help you learn where you are, where they lead and their door id. They can be found in three states.


Unlocked gates can be opened by touching the panel on its side. They can be closed on enemies to help you gain precious seconds to setup a defense or run away to the mission extract. But beware, they can be broken by you or by your enemies.

Security locked

Security locked doors usually requires all team members to assemble into the designated area and thankfully, do not attract a wave of the infested. Once opened, it cannot be closed.

Alarm locked

Sometimes found locked by a keycard. Once activated, it will start an alarm which will attract waves of enemies to your area. Your team members will have to quickly assemble and dispatch into stages of red areas to disable the alarm. The wave will not stop until the alarm has been disabled. Once opened, it cannot be closed.


Lockers can be found locked and unlocked. When locked, you’ll have to hack the lock by timing the moving bar into the orange gap. You’ll have to do it three times with each stage being narrower than the preceding stage. It is where you’ll mostly find essential items that will help you in completing your mission objective.


Terminals will help you plan out your mission as you’ll gain access to level-specific knowledge by typing in the proper commands and sometimes the proper parameters. It is automatically cap-locked and you can scroll through previously entered commands from that specific terminal with the up arrow key. Commands are character sensitive.

Note: Ignore the quotation (“) marks when typing the commands into the terminal.

  • “Help” gives you a brief summed-up guide in how to use the terminal.
  • “Commands” gives you the available list of commands you can use to type in the terminal.
  • The “List” command will search and list all objects by default or the specified objects within the specified area or the whole level by default. You can specify the area of the list by typing “LIST ZONE_20”. You can also specify the object of your search by typing “LIST AMMO”. You can combine both to list specific objects within a specific area by typing “LIST AMMO ZONE_20”. The parameters from this command are not case-sensitive as you can enter an abbreviated version of the object id like “KEY_RED_987” to “KEY”.
  • The “Query” command will tell you the general location of the object. By typing something like “QUERY HSU_925”, it will might tell you it is in Zone_23 but not which area of Zone_23 as there can be multiple area within that zone. The parameters are character specific.
  • The “Ping” command will tell you the specific area of the object and make a ping-like sound of the object within that area by typing something like “PING HSU_925”. This command only works with a terminal within the same zone of the object. The parameters are character specific.
  • Reactor_Startup is the command required to start the reactor.
  • Required to enter during a sub-mission objective, Reactor_Verify is accompanied with a code given to you by the mission objective on the center of your HUD (not on the terminal). So if the code is lava, you’ll have to type “REACTOR_VERIFY LAVA”.



Sleepers are what looks like to be necromorphs occupying inactive areas of the infested underground complex. They are first seen sleeping while crouched and standing hence the name “Sleeper”. They are sensitive to sound, movement and light. When snoring or tongue clicking, they pulse a reddish glow that can be seen in dark rooms and highly prone to be woken in this state so don’t move, don’t breathe. When woken, after a few seconds, they will scream to wake all sleepers within the area. Ideally, it is best to dispose of them before they wake up or scream as you’ll save ammo and health thus reducing the chance of a full team wipe. Sleepers have two variants which are the following :

Striker variant

Strikers will either hit you with their limbs or charge up a tongue attack that can hit about 5 arm lengths of distance and go around obstacles. They have a vertically-split face with sharp exposed teeths.

Shooter variant

Shooters will either hit you with their limbs or shoot a mid-long range projectiles that can curve to your direction. Their projectiles can be dodged by strafing and you can differentiate them as their face have exposed gland sacs.

Big Boys

Big boys like sleepers are initially found in a sleeping state, either standing or crouched, waiting for the unfortunate to wake up the giant. You can discern them from their coarce snoring and their size. They are slow, tanky and very dangerous as they can deal a lot more damage than the smaller sleepers. There are two variants both strikers and shooters, with the same attack patterns.


Scouts aren’t found in a sleeping state but found roaming the room and periodically spreading its tentacles to find the players. The tentacles have a long range and spreads in every direction. If the tentacles are touched, the Scout will be triggered and enter an immunity phase before it screams alerting waves of Sleepers of all variants from and outside of the area affected. Ideally, it’s best to kill them before it enters that phase by using a sniper, a deployed mine on its path or a synced attack from multiple high damaging firearms like the revolver.

Weapons & Items



Even though the pistol doesn’t do much damage, it can still take out most sleepers with a single headshot, with the proper skill. It is the main weapon of choice when dealing with munition scarcity.


If the pistol is too difficult to use, you can use the SMG to clear out the sleepers but beware, its high fire rate and low damage will make you deplete your ammo supply, despite its high munition capacity, before you manage to complete your objective. Aim for the head, shoot in bursts and use it sapringly.


Good for long range battle. Despite its high damage, the low munition capacity makes this weapon obsolete as it cannot take out “Seekers” nor “Big Boys” in one shot.

Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle is ideal for defense objective as it is a good all-rounder weapon. Decent damage, decent range, decent reload time and decent ammo capacity.



The high damage makes this a good close range weapon. It has a good munition capacity but its reload time is slow as you’ll reload per slug which doesn’t make this ideal.

Combat Shotgun

The high damage, the good munition capacity and the good reload time makes this ideal close range weapon. It can take down tanky Big Boys in seconds and if not after a swift reload of express delivery of lead bullets.


This high damage six-round revolver is ideal for missions with munition scarcity as it forces you to use it sparringly. With two shots from this deadly revolver, it can kill a Seeker.


Decent damage after a short . The low ammo capacity, the slow reload time and the high fire rate makes this special weapon useless as there are better alternatives. Avoid this weapon.


Very high damage but very low ammo capacity. Try to get at most 1 Sniper per team as it can take down Big Boys and Seeker in one well-placed shot. Only use it when necessary.


C-foam launcher

C-foam launcher also known as Cryo-foam launcher can shoot cryo-foam pellets on gates to freeze-seal or on the floor to freeze Sleepers when they walk over it.


Bio-trackers can see the location of the sleeper within the player’s proximity and it can also mark any and all moving targets. It is ideal to mark all moving targets when possible to show all threats to the team.

Mine deployer

The Mine deployer is as it’s name says deploys mines. Mines that explodes in a cone-shaped charge whenever a Sleeper crosses the laser.

Burst sentry

Burst sentry uses an SMG-like weaponry scanning any threat in front of it. When it detects an enemy, it’ll shoot in bursts thus the name “Burst Sentry”. Good for long range that requires accuracy but deals low damage. Beware as they can deal friendly-fire.

Shotgun sentry

Like the Burst Sentry, the Shotgun sentry uses a Shotgun-like weaponry scanning any threat and shooting slugs at the enemy. It deals a good amount of damage. It’s really good for choke points as it’s low accuracy will spread to the cluster of enemies thus slowing them down if not killing them. Beware as they can deal friendly-fire.


The sledgehammer

Four skins available to choose from, it can kill regular Sleepers in one clean hit to the head by charging it to its full capacity. It is going to be your best friend so it’d be best to learn how to master it.



Each use of medipack heals 20% of the player’s health.


Each use of toolpacks resupply 20% of the player’s tool ammo. You can resupply sentries directly.


Each use of ammopack resupply 20% of the player’s main and special weapon ammo.

Super flashlight

Super flashlights are powerful flashlights and can light up a room easily but can as well wake up Sleepers.


Using glowsticks doesn’t wake up sleepers and are essential when navigating through an infested dark room. They don’t last forever and they can fall through metal grid flooring.

Fog repeller

Fog repellers doesn’t wake up sleepers and are essential when navigating through foggy areas as they suck the fog away in its proximity for a while.

C-foam grenade

C-foam grenades also known as Cryo-foam grenades can freeze-seal undamaged gates or freeze the floor thus freezing Sleepers that walks on it.


Keycards are essential in unlocking certain gates. They can be found via the terminal with the proper commands.

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