BONEWORKS – How to Save Up Currency (Ammo) in Story Mode

BONEWORKS - How to Save Up Currency (Ammo) in Story Mode
BONEWORKS - How to Save Up Currency (Ammo) in Story Mode


This guide is intended to help give strategies to help conserve your ammunition currency for purchases from the Monomat (specifically the one that sells the physics weapons / tools).

Use Only Melee Weapons

Note: Credit goes to Mr. DispenSir

This seems obvious enough. Don’t want to use your ammo? Don’t use guns. Most of the enemies may easily be defeated using melee weapons, as most enemies are melee focused, and are the most common enemy to find such as: Null Bodies (Orange guys), Crablets (Headsets), and most Zombish (corrupted grey guys).

The Main Issue of Melee Only

Though there are many melee focused enemies, and are the most common to fight, there are still three enemy types that can hinder and melee only run: Clean Up Crew, Box Turrets, and Zombish (with projectiles).

The Zombish that have projectile attacks are not too hard to deal with, as their projectiles are slow enough to be dodged, and most often hit their allies instead. You should consider targeting them first whenever they are present with other melee focused enemies. It’s best to run with melee in hand to increase the power and force of your melee weapon to quickly kill / knock down the Zombish. You can tell if its dead if its projectile hand stops glowing.

Box Turrets are probably the least common enemy, however placed in spots that are difficult to get around without shooting them out. If available, a Trashcan may be worn on your body to be used as armor to block all bullets as you proceed to or around it, however seeing will be difficult. Also a Trashcan Lid may be used as a Shield as it can completely block bullets.

The main enemy type that is the real issue is the Clean Up Crew (aka guys with guns).

They don’t appear often, but when they do they come in great numbers. They are capable of killing you quickly when in close proximity, making melee combat a hard venture.

In my experience, the easiest and safest method of dealing with the Clean Up Crew is to use One Handed Weapons, and a Shield if available. One handed weapons such as the Lead Pipe, Wrench, and Cleaver can one hit kill Clean Up Crew enemies if hit on the head (the strength required is debatable). The only Shield items I have been able to find are Trashcan Lids, they are capable of completely blocking bullets from the Clean Up Crew.

It is best to run to each one and hit them in the head in quick succession, or run past them entirely if possible. If you go into a dying state, you can try to quickly kill one of them to regain health and continue your assault / escape. A Trashcan can also be used as armor if available.

Level Warehouse End Strategy

At the end of the short level “Warehouse”, Clean Up Crew block the exit Rail Car to the end. My strategy is to use the Cleaver found in the room just before with the three Null Bodies and Crablets, to one hit them as I run to the Rail Car to start it up as fast as possible. It is best to shut the Rail Car doors and crouch as you push the level forward in the front car to escape quickly. If you start dying as the Rail Car moves you may be respawned with the Rail Car gone. I have tried running to the end without the Rail Car but the level end trigger will not activate. The only way to fix is to restart the level.

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