RimWorld – How to Start Your Colony Off Right

RimWorld - How to Start Your Colony Off Right
RimWorld - How to Start Your Colony Off Right

This is a guide on how to make sure you start off your Rimworld journey right! Everything in this guide is all you need to make sure you have the “best” chance of survival in the unknown! Have Fun!

Why Should You Trust Me?

Note: Credit goes to ShyGun

Well, first off, never trust anyone but yourself. But that’s besides the point. You’re here because you want to know the best way to start your first play-through of Rimworld right? Well, you came to the right place. With over 300 hours and many escapes off world, i know my ins and outs of this game, and will be able to help any poor noob that comes across this guide. So sit back and relax, as I take you through the set up of your first journey into Rimworld!

#1 Choosing Your Scenario

So, when you first load into Rimworld and hit, “New Colony” you will come across a screen similar to this one.

This is the scenario selector scrence. As you can see, there are many different options for you to choose from. However, for this guide, we want to show you the best one for your first gameplay! Thus, click on the “Lost Tribe” Scenario and hit “Next”.

#2 Choosing Your Story Teller

Next up, is your story teller. Now this is very important for any Rimworld player, as it is the backbone of what happens in your playthrough. As you can see, there are three different types of Story Tellers to chose from. Here is a quick run down of each one…

Phoebe Chillax: She looks harmless right? Wrong! Phoebe is the most brutal story teller of them all, She may seem nice on the outside, but on the inside is nothing short of the devil. Shiver in fear as she sends raid after raid upon you. Don’t let the different difficulties under her fool you, there are all full of death and destruction

Cassandra Classic: This is the “classic” Rimworld experience. And also, the most boring. Cassandra is very predictable, as she starts off as the usual easy mode, and progressively gets harder. Unfortunately her definition of “hard” is no more than a couple of boomalopes coming to kill you. Yeah, sound fun to you? Well it shouldn’t

Randy Random: The King of Rimworld, the master of all things holy, it is Randy Random! This is, by far, the best storyteller you could choose! He’s fun, entertaining, and really helps you learn the crazy game of Rimworld! He starts you off easy, and will through a raid or two at the beginning to get you used to the combat! How nice! With Randy Random on your side, you’ll be a master at expecting the unexpected, and will be able to start a new save within no time!

For this guide, we will be choosing Randy Random, since he seems to be the best pick for a beginner, like you!

#3 Choosing Your Difficulty

Now, while in the menu of choosing your Story Teller, you have various different difficulties and modes to choose from. I will keep this short and sweet. Choose the “Savage” difficulty and “Commitment Mode.” Now you may be asking, ShyGun, but doesn’t that seem to hard for a beginner like me?!? You would be right, if you weren’t so wrong. You see, as an experienced Rimworld players, I have come to realize that the developers are trying to screw with us! The “savage” difficulty is just a ruse! It is actually meant to say “Peaceful.” The developers want you to choose the first one, because they want you to think that the “Peaceful” mode is easy, when it reality, it should say “♥ this is too hard let me outa here!” There, you’re welcome.

As for the “commitment mode” you should choose that to show the devs, and the story teller that you are committed to this game! If you don’t choose this mode, you are letting everyone around you down. Even that dog who lives two doors down from you will look upon you in shame because you weren’t committed to such a wonderful game.

#4 Your World Settings

Next one is pretty simple, you will come across a screen that will look like this.

In this screen, you get the chance to make some changes to the world as a whole. You are literally the “God” of this world!

Here’s what you need to do, make sure the world is on 100% and the seed should say “HELL YEAH” because you are so excited to play this freaking game! That is all you need, then hit next.

#5 Choosing Your Starting Location

Once the world has loaded up, you will come across the world map. It’s a globe! Shocking! Anyway, there are two easy steps for you if you want to make it as easy as possible for your first playthrough. In order to cut back all some micromanaging, since it’s your first time, here is all you need to do. First select the “advanced” button down bellow.

Then make sure you choose the smallest map possible, so you don’t have to manage such a large area. Big areas are scary, and can hold a greater chance of evil things spawning and coming after your settlement!

Next up, you will want to hit the “select random site” button. The game is programmed to automatically give you the easiest starting spot when you hit random site, so don’t you worry your pretty little mind!

After that, hit next, and you are on your final step! Hooray!

#6 Choosing Your Colonists

Once you finish randomly selecting your site, you will come across your screen where you can preview your colnists. But you ain’t a ♥, you don’t care who you start with. Alls you need to do is hit that “start” button and you are well on your way to conquering Rimworld!

#7 You’re Welcome

Well, here you are, ready to start your journey. Should you be scared? Yes, its Rimworld, it’ll ♥ with you like no other game will. But have no fear! You won’t loose your colony, because you are just starting out and are on the easiest difficulty! Because of me, you will be able to keep your sanity while playing this beautiful game! So go my friend, and may your colony die quickly…I mean prosper!

And maybe someday, you’ll get a ship like this 😀

Disclaimer: Results in early colony death may occur. Any damage done to self or computer are not responsible by the author. This guide is meant solely as a guide to newbies, so please, be kind

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