NeverEnd – Beginners Guide + Achievements

NeverEnd - Beginners Guide + Achievements
NeverEnd - Beginners Guide + Achievements

A documentation of some of the basics and achievements of the game of NeverEnd.

User Interface

Note: Credit goes to 776861743f


Your health is indicated in the top left. You have 3 hearts and contact with an enemy will deal damage.


Hold space to view the map and use the arrow keys to navigate through it. This does not pause your game, so enemies will be able to attack you. In the map your character appears to be moving along with your movement, but you are frozen in place.


Coins are used in shops to purchase items, rides, or mounts. They are indicated in the top left, under the hearts and next to the “C”. The bar present below it is the progress towards earning the next coin.


The number of potions you carry is displayed next to the coins count, indicated by “P”.


Your inventory is displayed on the left side of the screen. This includes weapons, tools, and keys.


Your current mission, if you have one, is indicated on the right side of the screen.



Note: All giants drop a chest upon death that will provide an item for sale. If the player already owns the item, the chest will be empty.

  • Spiders (2 HP): They move around randomly, but will usually turn to face the player if they are nearby.
  • Zomborgs (3 HP): They always move towards the player. They have a fast attack speed and tend to surround the player.
  • Wolfs (2 HP): Though they look like cats, they are named wolfs in the statistics menu. They will charge towards the player and their attack cannot be blocked. Moving around a lot will allow for easy dodging.
  • Giant Spider (? HP): A giant spider that lays 2 HP nests around the room.
  • Giant Zomborg (? HP): A giant zomborg that slowly approaches you.
  • Giant Wolf (? HP): A giant wolf that charges you.
  • Boss (? HP): The boss is essentially a wall that produces enemies and uses tentacles to attack randomly. The attacks will damage the other enemies for 1 damage. The boss will turn red when around 50% health.


  • Potion (1 C): Used to heal.
  • Rod (1 C): Used to fish near water. Will infinitely accumulate coins over time.
  • Bow (4 C): Used to fire arrows with the “F” key. The arrow must be retrieved before being shot again. If the arrow is shot through an open door, it will travel to the next room, where it may be retrieved. If the arrow falls in water it will automatically be returned.
  • Black Mamba (6 C): Attacks with the speed of the starter weapon but deals 2 damage instead. Occasionally will deal a 3 damage critical hit.
  • Swift Blade (8 C): Will attack rapidly, dealing 1 damage in each of two swings.
  • Fire Sword (8 C): Seems to attack with the same speed as the swift blade and does the same damage. After hitting an enemy, they will be set on fire and will take 2 fire damage shortly after.


These are given by guardians in exchange for a key.

  • First Mission: Kill 20 spiders.
  • Second Mission: Kill a giant.
  • Third Mission: Kill 10 of each: spiders, zomborgs, and wolves. Kill 1 of each giant: spider, zomborg, wolf.


  • Eagle Ride (1 C): The eagle will carry you to any room in the map that contains a nest. This includes the room you start from, so one coin will be spent if you select it.
  • Mount (10 C): You can purchase a mount which can be called using the “V” key. It appears to have the same walking speed as the player, but a faster sprinting speed.


Ordered by rarity. Some of these are quite self-explanatory…


First death.

First Blood

Kill your first enemy.

Sonic Hat

Die in the first 10 seconds. Easy to do by falling into water.


Buy your first item. Shops don’t seem to appear early on, so they might only start spawn after a certain amount of coins have been accumulated.

Wizard Hat

Find one elemental sword. Any special sword will work (Rapid Blade gives the achievement).

Cardboard Box

Walk into a room with 6 Zomborgs. This is quite random. You are very likely to encounter rooms with more than six Zomborgs, but you are only going to receive this achievement when encountering exactly six.

Top Hat

Get 20c in one run without the Rod. You must actually have 20 coins at the same time. Accumulating and spending them does not count for this achievement.


Finish the first quest. This is given by a randomly appearing person near a shop. The quest is to kill 20 spiders.

Ranger Hat

Kill 50 enemies with the bow.


Buy a Bow and a Rod in one run. The rod costs less and will allow you to farm infinitely near water, so it is best to purchase it first.


Walk through 100 rooms in one run. You must actually traverse 100 unique rooms of any kind. Returning to already visited rooms does not count.

MiniBoss Slayer

Kill your first mini boss. Any giant counts as a mini boss.


Finish the second quest. For the second mission you are required to kill a giant.

MiniBoss Slayer 2

Kill every mini boss in one run. This has to be done for the third quest.

Boss Slayer

Beat the game. The boss is reached after getting all 3 keys and teleporting to the boss room. After the boss is defeated, the player is frozen and must start a new game.

Boss Hat

Kill the final Boss. Essentially the same achievement as the previous one and it will be given at the same time.

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