Last Year – Survival Guide / How to Win

Last Year - Survival Guide / How to Win
Last Year - Survival Guide / How to Win

This guide is how I win/survive the longest in the matches I play. Warning, being an effective player does make you a huge target to the killer.


Do characters matter so much besides they fact they are cosmetic?

Yes and no. When you play a game with a character sometimes a character can boost your confidence while playing. It might sound stupid but if you play any games with characters and you pick a “main”, that just means it’s who you are most comfortable and confident with.

Why am I hit by everything?

One thing to keep in mind is the your character height and width. I’ve noticed characters like Amber, Sam, and Nick are all on the smaller size and some of the killers have a harder time hitting/grabbing. I.e. Giant and Strangler.

One thing, remember it’s a game and you can play whoever you like. I’m a guy and I play Amber solely because she is disgusted by everything/everyone. Some people think that playing a girl makes you gay or something, ignore those people cause they always die first in games anyways.



  • This is a fairly straight forward class. Slap the ♥ killer and win.
  • You aren’t just the offensive, You are the team defender! I cannot tell you how many people don’t understand this.
  • Make the weaker classes helmets, such as medic and scout. If you have 2 assaults, split up if needed and escort other teammates. you don’t need two assaults holding hands all game.


  • If you have never played a healer like Mercy in overwatch, this role is not for you.
  • Playing healer is one of the most difficult roles in this game. You need to understand spacing and timing your amount of heals.
  • You’re weak, stay in the back and rush that taser.
  • You won’t always have heals so if you can, pocket an assault you know will do the most damage.(In Fights Only).
  • Heal the others out of combat, tech can make pain killers so don’t be afraid to ask them to cover themselves.
  • Pretty sure you have a pipe bomb but I don’t remember. just try to throw it behind a killer in a fight or use it to defend yourself.


  • Scout is for the people who know how to get in and get out. When I play scout I rush a adren and hold it until the first group fight. If you’re team is fighting, flash the killer, pop the adren, and rush that objective.
  • Scouts are the best support class in this game but also the only ones who should rush objectives/get sneaky saves.
  • Shotguns are great to have if you can separate yourself for the others and farm scrap without dying. The extra defense against killers is needed when solo but also sometimes you get that dumbass assault who always dies.
  • I use smokes mainly against giant, strangler, and spider. Once strangler or giant throws your teammate away, throw that grenade and back up. yes your team will stay coughing if they don’t crouch but sometimes you have to force the killer off.


  • When you play tech you need to understand the timing/spacing of killers disappearing on the opposite of the doors. if you hear the door creak sound while boarding, immediately stop it and board on the opposite side .
  • Your turret has a small vision clearance so place it wisely when saving.
  • Board doors behind you if you’re solo and don’t be afraid to abuse the boarding power
  • You can only board 3 doors/trap doors
  • Try to always have scrap for painkillers and don’t wait for the medic to heal you. Make some for others if medic can’t rush heals.
  • Your claymore has a 2 second delay when it goes off so play it while you run from the killer or on them if they are fighting your team. ( Yes it could result in a dead teammate(s) but it’s worth it against offensive heavy killers)
  • Flamethrower is nice but it ♥ your team most of the time.

Other Tips

  • If you’re being chased and you feel stuck, remember you always have alternate routes/ things to jump on to juke killers.
  • Abuse the door open/close ability. wait for killers to open them and then immediately close them.
  • Keep an eye out for things your teammates craft/hold and play around it.
  • Don’t put yourself in bad positions
  • These are general things, learn how the game works and just try your best and ignore the S hit talkers on the mic.

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