GTFO – Basic Guide (Gameplay, Combat, Gear and Kit)

GTFO - Basic Guide (Gameplay
GTFO - Basic Guide (Gameplay

This guide contains just some basic info everyone learns in their first few matches.

Basic Gameplay and Combat

Joining the Lobby

  • GTFO works with lobby ID’s which is a string of numbers.
  • To join a lobby you need to copy the string of numbers, go to “rundown” screen of the game and on top left it should say “join clipboard lobby”
  • If you can’t find it it means you either copied the code while on rundown screen or something else. Try going to another menu and then back to rundown to force it to refresh and check your clipboard.


  • All melee weapons are the same, just look different. But you’re a loser if you don’t use gavel.
  • Melee has charge function: the longer you hold it the more damage it does. Always melee unaggrod enemies with full charge. The full charge lasts for like 2-3 seconds before you auto attack.
  • Aim for the head.


  • To not make every enemy in room angry at you, you should sneak up to them and whack ’em on the head (full charge melee on head is most consistent way to kill).
  • When they are “breathing / beating heart” they are more alert. You can tell when they are breathing by how they are glowing and your teammates screaming at you.
  • When they go red you have a small window to delete them before whole room comes after you.
  • You can melee the sentry/guard/spagetti dude when his tentacles are not out. One full charged whack to the head. Or one sniper shot. Or one mine.
  • Enemies can hear if you kill their friends if they are within like 2m. You need to kill them together to not aggro.


  • Doors that have a keypad next to them open willy-nilly.
  • Blue doors require either to scan entire team (all huddle for warmth infront of door) or to do multible of those in different scan areas while enemies charge at you. To find out which is which read door description carefully.
  • When doing alarm-scan thing: multible teammates can stand in the same scan zone to scan it faster. Useful for weird or awkward placed scan zones.
  • closing doors nearby but leaving one open will make enemies rush out of the open door.
  • C-foam can block a door. Might be useful to get all the scans done before you’re about to die for your country or die trying.
  • Turrets are of great help but they are best placed on floor not shelves or boxes.

Hacking Chests

It’s simple enough but once you’ve hacked don’t touch anything and wait for the animation to end otherwise it won’t unlock the door.

Being a 1337 haxx0r on terminals:

You can use list command to list specific items by writing:

list [item name]


list [zone]


list [zone] [item]

to list all items in zone.

for example

list zone_49 key will list all keys in zone 49.


Since you can’t write on map or make notes there that last more than a micronsecond, every time you find a door that needs a keycard or you find where a keycard is type that into chat. It stays there visible for all time and makes it easier to search them on goo terminals (unless you have a nomic on your team).

Gear and Kit


  • All melee weapons are the same, but only losers don’t use sledgehammer.
  • Pistol, SMG and Assault rifle all have over 100 rounds of ammo. If you’re careful you can make them last.
  • Shotgun onehits weeaboos and can bring down big boys fast. A tool worth having.
  • Sniper can take care of sentries but is it worth lugging around an otherwise useless piece of kit?


  • Sentry does what it says on the tin.
  • C-Foam shoots balls of…. male excitement… that disgusts and slows down enemies. You don’t need it because you can find grenades in the wild but definetly a useful bit of kit.
  • Motion detector lets you see thru walls. Very useful for sneaking more effectively.
  • experiment with rest but those 3 are very useful.

Found Items

  • C-Foam grenade is like a half baked cfoam launcher.
  • Glowsticks are very useful when you have to hold out an alarm in dark areas. It’s a flashlight range extender.
  • Big flashlight is good for looting and checking areas.
  • Fog repellent makes loud irritating sounds and improves visibility in super foggy areas.

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