About Elise – Third Puzzle

About Elise - Third Puzzle
About Elise - Third Puzzle

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Third Puzzle

On the back right corner of the wall there is a rotating circle with purple images on it. If you look at it long enough the purple images will make a 6. Purple=6. If you grab 3 pieces of blue paper, one on a wall, one near a desk, and one on a desk, just look a little you will find them, you will get a math equation that is equal to 3. But this is not the answer for blue, because the numbers are green. So green = 3. If you look on a shelf in the left part of the room there will be a sheet with blue dots. Take this 4×4 paper and map it up with the 4×4 diagram on the wall. The dots make a number that looks like a 7. So blue = 7. Now for orange there is an equation, blue + green = orange. So obviously that is 10, orange = 10. Go over to the code input thing and you will se below it a color code order. Put the numbers in color code order, purple blue green orange. So 67310 is the code.

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