Last Year – Beginners Guide

Last Year - Beginners Guide
Last Year - Beginners Guide

Here is just a quick explanation for people who are new and are wondering about the game.

Intro Guide for Newbies

The Survivors

The survivors consist of 5 players, and their goal is to escape from the map via finishing objectives.

The person you play is entirely cosmetic, however the classes are quite different. You can craft items with scrap you find around the map.

  • The Assault is your main damage man, helmets are extremely important as it makes you and anyone you give a helmet very tanky. Molotovs are a great damage source. Baseball bats are also very good for damage, but most assaults just spam helmets and molotovs.
  • The Technician is a class that mostly places turrets. It crafts the pain pills, proxy mine, and flamethrower. Proxy mine can be insanely good and flamethrower is very good at melting the spider and your teammates.
  • The Scout is a class that points out killer footprints while hes in predator mode, points out traps, gassed scrap, if an ambush is currently being used by the killer they are really useful. They craft the adrenaline shot, smoke grenade and the shotgun. The shotgun is insanely good at killing the spider. The adrenaline shot makes you the objective guy, you can move much faster while carrying an objective. The smoke grenade is really useful for making saves or finishing off an objective as the killer cannot attack while in the smoke.
  • The Medic is the healer they are really useful. They craft the pocket flashlight, pipebomb which is good for damage but can easily kill your teammates, and the taser one of the most useful things for aiding your assaults in attacking the killer.

Whenever you die you aren’t out for good, you have a respawn timer then you get placed in a closet where your teammates can come save you. If you’re the last survivor alive you rescue 2 teammates instead of 1.

The Killers

The killers goal is to kill off all 5 survivors at the same time, or make the survivors run out of time.

The killer you play is actually different unlike the survivors. You can equip 3 killers per match, when you die the killer that you were using goes on cooldown and you have to spawn as one of the other ones in your deck.

  • Strangler is one of my favorite killers. You can lay down a bunch of traps strangle a survivor and throw them into the trap preventing them from running, then allowing you to down them execute and despawn and find a new target. Strangler is relatively squishy and is not super good at melee fighting a group. Vent ambushes don’t work often but when they do they are very enjoyable.
  • Giant is a much better killer than he was originally. Giant is the tankiest of the killers, able to grab survivors and yeet them around like beanbags. You also have the ability to do a charge which can make you easily gain on a survivor but you don’t have very much control in terms of turning, if you hit a survivor with the charge you grab them. Giant is very slow and has a meh ambush giant ambushes are very rare to see.
  • Spider is an interesting killer, some think its op and other thinks its in a good spot. The spider is very very squishy smart survivors will rush you down and leave you no where to go and will kill you quickly. The spider has good mobility and can spit venom. The venom completely ignores an assaults helmet making it good for harassing the assault before the fight. The venom slows survivors hit by it and heavily damages them if they don’t get out of it quickly. Spider ambushes are very effective for now until people learn the locations as they can’t be seen without a scout.
  • Slasher is a rounded killer. Its your typical sprinting killer that m1’s. Slasher does the most damage by far than any other killer 2 shotting anyone who doesn’t have a helmet. Slasher arguably has the worst ambushes of any of the killers being only from skylights that are very obvious, not large in numbers, and easy to dodge. I don’t have a whole lot about the slasher honestly.

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